Antis Clinging to Hope on Chris Christie

This is pretty thin gruel, if you ask me. Gun control folks are really clinging to hope for a Christie signature on the magazine bill.

“It is a very emotional issue on both sides,” said Christie, who is almost certain to have a bill on his desk this spring to sign or veto. “Gun control and the Second Amendment are enormously emotional, combustible issues. My job as governor is to be the adult in the room.”

Come on folks. He might as well have danced a little sidestep with that statement. I hold out the possibility he might sign it, but that statement doesn’t say anything. If he does sign it, he’s finished on the national stage.

11 thoughts on “Antis Clinging to Hope on Chris Christie”

      1. Obviously not, which is why if he runs the dems will win again. I will not vote for him, as I prefer them to take the blame when things crash and burn, not people who will be (wrongfully) linked to true conservatives/libertarians.

  1. By not flat out saying he will veto the bill if it gets to him, I think he’s finished on the national stage. Evan Bayh would be a more conservative– and gun friendly! –president than Christie. I think the republicans should ensure they don’t run anyone from an east coast state if they want to have any chance of firing up the base. You can’t run people who are more liberal than most of the democrats in most of the red states are, and hope to win the base.

    1. Yes. Even more so now that Jeb Bush’s name is being tossed around as the foregone “establishment pick”.

  2. I would be very nervous about Christie making appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court. Of course Hillary would be worse. But still.

  3. Might be hope for that mob boss after all. Not much, but I’ll take it for now.

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but my analysis of him saying his job is to “be the adult in the room” kind of implies that both the anti-gun and pro-gun sides are like children, and the “adult” thing to do would be to find some kind of middle ground, maybe even something “common sense”? I already know where that usually leads.

    Thanks to having family in NJ I am plenty aware of what the average gun owner has to deal with there, and unless you forged a crusade to revamp the gun laws in that state I really don’t trust anyone coming from it.

    1. That’s the line I think got the antis hopes up. Because they think we’re the angry children and they are the adults in the room, so the governor must surely be with us.

  5. Why do I feel Christie would be happy to do a “Solomonic” decision and change the law to 12-1/2 rounds?

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