Brown Signals He’s Not Receptive to More Gun Control

The City of Oakland wanted to be able to create its own gun laws, so they went to the California Legislature to receive a special dispensation to have their own gun laws. The legislature OK’d the bill post-Newtown, but Governor Jerry Brown vetoed it. Now he’s hinted in a speech that he’s not going to be down for more gun control laws:

“What can laws do to solve immediate problems?” Brown said. “I want to say that laws have their role, but in terms of crime and guns and violence, we’ve been at this thing for more than 50 years on this very topic, and we’ve passed a tremendous number of laws. There is something else, it’s called administering the laws we have and working together in a community. That is where the greatest yield can be found in terms of making Oakland a safer place.”

Seems like common sense talk on gun laws to me, though I can’t imagine the California Chapter of the Brady Campaign are very happy with him for speaking the truth.

h/t Dave Hardy

10 thoughts on “Brown Signals He’s Not Receptive to More Gun Control”

  1. The more laws to fix everything crowd will probably try to have him recalled now.

  2. Honestly, it can’t be a good thing that Moonbeam is the voice of reason in the nation’s largest state.

        1. It’s strictly regional – mainly a SF/Bay-Aryan thing (and very LA), where the left runs riot – literally. Oakland is a city run (into the ground, the next Detroit) by Socialists and outright Communists since the mid 70’s. Where I live now in the Gold Country CCW is for all intents and purposes Shall Issue and the Sheriff is a Molon-Labe guy.

  3. Per our discussion on the so-called “liberal gun club.” Much of their “value” is their current press coverage that gives a little bit of political cover to Brown.

    small victories

  4. Old Californian Democrat-Elites (going back to Joaquin Murietta days) have always been pro-gun because they own them and had to fight-off the Mexicans. It’s the CA “New Left” of the 60’s and 70’s that traveled-in from MA, WI, IL and other states and has taken over the Legislature, and run with the wacky and absurd laws allowing crimes without punishment. CA Republicans (if distinguishable at all on this issue from Democrats, as opposed to Leftists) are out-voted by a Super-Majority of Left-Dems. The new Country Club is the Faculty Lounge, dominated by the Left and not Chamber of Commerce Republicans…

  5. Brown is a Democrat, he’s always receptive to gun control! Don’t fall for the Bull!

  6. The Governator was supposedly a Republican and he seemed receptive to any gun control laws brought before him in California. Christie in NJ is supposedly a (R) as well.. The fact is, that you can’t trust any of them until they prove themselves with a consistent voting record in favor of individual rights. There are a few (D) on our side of the isle.. not many but a few,.

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