Jerry Brown for Governor?

Don Kates says he’s a good choice for California, and tells us some details we wouldn’t have known otherwise:

In contrast, I do know Jerry Brown. We went to law school together though we were not big buddies. And when I contacted him about supporting the pro-2d Am position in the McDonald case, he filed an influential pro-2d Am brief w/ the S Ct. I know that he personally made the decision to do this, overruling his staff; and he wrote the brief himself. (He is an able lawyer.) When he was assailed by anti-gun forces, his response was that the 2d am is a “civil rights issue.”

This is not to say that Brown is “pro-gun.” He just thinks – as does everyone rational and informed on the issue – that gun control does not help reduce crime; indeed, that it has nothing to do w/ crime.

I’d sure like more than lukewarm support, but it’s not like Ahhnold has worked out too well for California Gun Owners, has he?

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  1. He just thinks – as does everyone rational and informed on the issue – that gun control does not help reduce crime; indeed, that it has nothing to do w/ crime.

    That may be the most rational thing I’ve ever heard a progressive say!

  2. Jerry Brown, when running for AG, pulled a .50 BMG round out of his pocket when debating changes to CA guns laws and talked about how access to such equipment was a threat to civil society, blah, blah, blah. He has opposed making CA a shall issue state. He has, though I confess I don’t know it all, never wavered on the CA AWB or single gun a month (that’s any gun, not just handguns) . I have heard nothing about him opposing the coming restrictions on ammo sales.

    I am glad his friend said what he did, it makes his likely election less nauseating a thought. I am willing to bet his friend a good dinner someplace that if elected, Brown will do nothing but tighten gun regulations in CA by making them more expensive and difficult for the law-abiding to buy, keep and bear.

    This is like Pelosi, Waxman and Slaughter opposing “deem and pass” in 2005, but finding it pretty tasty today.

    Oakland was in worse financial shape with higher crime rates when he finished his tenure as mayor. I expect CA will follow suit.

  3. Sitting here in California, and waiting for the inevitable election, I have to say I’d take JB over anyone else in the field right now.

    Is he a friend of gun owners? Not really (though he is a gun owner himself). But, I have found him to be (more) open-minded and willing to be part of the debate about this civil rights issue than anyone else in the field. I have the distinct, though perhaps mistaken, impression that his mind is not made up, i.e. his political affiliation does not amount to ‘auto-pilot’ on any given issue.

  4. Arnold got rolled by the Unions and then wanted to make nicey-nice and went all Greensane to appease the Left.

    Brown’s no great shakes but Meg Whitman and eBay are inexorably anti-gun to the core. Another billionaire buying the state Office is no big deal because the Unions will break her too.

  5. Anyone old enough to recall Jerry Brown’s original tenure, especially gun owners, will not vote for him again. Arnold is a gun owner too. Ownership is an inadequate litmus test. An established record as govenor is a much better indicator. Look at Jerry Brown’s record. It speaks for itself.

  6. His record is better than the record of anyone else competing for the post, though I did not claim his gun ownership was or is indicative of anything (hence the parenthetical reference.) Maybe you should more carefully read what I wrote. And while you’re at it, did you read his amicus brief in McDonald?

  7. Ed,

    I did carefully read your well written comment. I also read Govenor Brown’s brief and was happily surprised. All that said, I clearly recall Brown’s tenure. In contrast to Arnold, I propose that Brown is worse. Which is darker? The Kettle or the Pot? Unfortunatley California will continue to be an embarassment.

    As for Brown’s brief to The Court… He is a savvy politician running for an election. California deserves what it gets if he is elected…

  8. People can change their minds over time. In addition, the politics of an issue changes over time too. Supporting gun control is no longer considered smart politics. It was once upon a time, especially in California. Probably still doesn’t hurt you as much in California.

    I would stop short of endorsing Brown for Governor, but it’s hard for me to see how he’d be any worse than Ahnold.

  9. Sebastian,

    First something I believe we can all agree upon: Arnold has been a dissapointment on the gun issue. We could likely agree on other areas he’s fallen short, but that’d get out of the scope of this blog. It would be an outstanding topic for a cold beverage.
    If Brown is elected and is even neutral to the gun issue I will be the first to say I was mistaken in my negative opinion. Obviously I come at him with a bias, so I’m only putting the bar at “neutral” to be sporting.

    In the mean time, we who are not (or no longer) CA residents can wish those still there our best wishes.

    I’m in the Charlotte area now, so I don’t have to suffer the People’s Republik other than in spirit. I hope I have a chance to meet you in May. You’re doing the good work with this blog. It’d be good to shake you hand.


  10. I’m all for Jerry getting elected again – because I really, really want to see some suede-denim secret police, and we’re running about thirty years behind on that.

  11. 70’s fashion in Sacramento again makes me groan just thinking of it. What a visual mess!

    On the good side, the 80’s brought Brown’s predecessor to the White House (granted some poor gun decesions – ie guns NOT in parks). Who that person is now could keep a thread going for some time.

    I was referring to the NRA Convention in May.

  12. Bram,

    Amen Brother!

    1988 was the last time CA was reliably a red state. Normally that’s good for the gun-issue (and usually other libertarian items).

    I propose we take every victory no matter how small. BUT we should never take our eye off the prize!

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