Nick Johnson on NRA News

Sorry for somewhat of a prolonged absence. While we recovered from the ice storm fine here, our office was not so fortunate, and so we had to relocate a lot of equipment to get things up and running again and the business functioning. That takes a few long days. Our Internet finally came this Sunday, just in time for me to come down with a stomach flu. I can’t seem to win this winter. Here’s an interview between Nick Johnson and Cam Edwards I thought you’d enjoy:

I’ll try to post a few things later, if I have the energy.

3 thoughts on “Nick Johnson on NRA News”

  1. Your winter sounds almost as bad as mine.
    I’ve had either a series of colds or one that won’t go away since late October, everytime I start feeling better dang thing comes back…….

  2. Hmm.. sounds like fun times in the disaster recovery arena. Did you have a plan? Did it work? :D

    1. We’re a small company, but with two sites. We did not have a formal plan, but came up with one on the spot. The plan worked.

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