Empty Brass in Your Home is a Crime

When I lived in Massachusetts and took women who had never shot a gun before to the range, they would frequently ask me if they could keep an empty piece of brass as a souvenir from their first trip to the range. I hated to tell them that possession of that brass without a license was a crime. I did tell them, and they usually opened up to the idea that maybe the extreme gun control measures of Massachusetts were not actually serving the public good.

Unfortunately, a DC man is headed back to court for at least the eighth time to defend himself against the charge that he possessed an empty shotgun hull.

11 thoughts on “Empty Brass in Your Home is a Crime”

  1. I remember something that started me down a road of self-education and mind-change about 35 years ago, was when I read in an article in “Parade” magazine in my local paper, that “Possession of single 5.56mm cartridge will get someone sentenced to up to eight years in the H-blocks, in Northern Ireland.”

    Gee, who were the bad guys, again?

  2. States that enact legislation at this level of stupidity are generally the same ones that are dying for business to move in. Here’s a clue, guys – neither I nor my company will ever move to your state, because quite frankly it would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to ever rid my household of every single piece of brass, spent or unspent. It’s like asking me to guarantee that I possess exactly zero pennies – never gonna happen no matter how hard I might try. So, enjoy your shrinking tax base, morons.

  3. “enjoy your shrinking tax base, morons.”

    They’ll make it up with asset forfeiture by anyone in possession of brass. Don’t think they haven’t learned anything from the Drug Wars.

    Also, kickbacks from the private prison industry.

  4. I keep thousands of empty brass shells at my house because I reload my own ammo. All of it is useless for harming anyone until it is reloaded. Who ever came up with making empty shells illegal has to be a complete idiot.

    1. Because it can be used for reloading, which is near-impossible for the gun-banners to track or stop, is why they make empty cartridges illegal to own. How will they disarm you if you can reload your own ammunition?

      Remember, it’s all about CONTROL.

  5. Next will be paintball markers and airsoft “weapons”. BTW California is on the way to outright BAN (if they hav’nt already) airsoft toys!!!

  6. I have a bottle opener made from an inert .50 cal round and sculptures of a jet fighter and a tank made from dummy rounds (real brass). This type of stuff almost makes Illinois look like a free state.

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