Connecticut GOP Primary Shapes Up

Also from the Wall Street Journal. One of the candidates is the Mayor of Danbury, who is a MAIG Mayor. Some of the other guys are willing to run against the new gun control laws. No matter what the outcome of the general election, gun owners in Connecticut need to make sure the gun control supporting Republicans get squashed like bugs in the primary, especially if they were members of MAIG. MAIG membership needs to become toxic for those seeking higher public office.

3 thoughts on “Connecticut GOP Primary Shapes Up”

  1. Replacing the Gov would be a nice gesture but doesn’t solve the root problem in CT:

    The Senate vote was 26-10, with 20 of 22 Democrats and six of 14 Republicans in support.

    The House vote was 105-44, with 85 of 99 Democrats and 20 of 52 Republicans in support. One Democrat and one Republican were absent, each with serious illnesses.

    And the above RINO problem is directly related to the fact that 2/3 or more of the residents of CT want gun owners to FOAD.

    Moreover Gov Cuomo’s comments confirm to me that in some ways these laws are intended to drive conservative voters out of their states. The Gov of NY flat out said that conservatives are not welcome and they can GTFO or go to prison. Chasing conservatives out of the state solidifies their lock on local and state politics, and the only cost is some tax revenue & human capital. No big deal.

    1. From a demographics standpoint they probably also realize that the majority of conservatives in the state are older and retired, so the loss in human capital and revenue isn’t such a big deal. My father is a pro-gun retired cop living upstate and is looking to leave NY. But what will Cuomo really lose by him leaving? His pension isn’t taxed at the state level and he only works PT at this point in his life. Maybe some sales tax and other misc. revenue. To them probably a price well worth paying for getting rid of another dissenter to their glorious cause.

  2. I wouldn’t be too sure about his re election chances .”Dannel” ( Dan during the election) Malloy passed the largest tax increase in the states history ( 2.5 Thousand million). Now ,in an election year they ” might” have a 500 million dollar surplus. So what to do Democrats do ? Propose a $55 single/ $ 110 married taxpayers rebate . Also the Democrats
    want to exempt 50% (WTF ! ) of teachers ( only ) pensions from state income tax .

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