With Caroline McCarthy Retiring …

… the community really needed a replacement for the “shoulder thing that goes up.” This replacement has been making its way around the online gunny community.

We’re increasingly ruled by clowns, and this guy is just a particularly good example.

6 thoughts on “With Caroline McCarthy Retiring …”

  1. This guy is one of the leaders of onerous gun control legislation in California. The worse the bill, the more likely De Leon sponsored it.

    California has term limits, which will be hitting soon, so he just might run for Congress. Then he truly could be McCarthy’s replacement.

  2. He must have gone to the Max Baucus school of public speaking… youtube has his greatist hits.

  3. The really depressing thing about this?

    de Leon is likely the next President Pro Tem of the California Senate.

    This state is so fucked.

    1. On the bright side, Democratic rule of California provides a great big blaring warning sign to the rest of the nation.

      Beware! For this could be your fate too, should you let Democrats seize power in your state.

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