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Yesterday an Alberta Clipper dumped a good 7 inches of global warming in the driveway, so this morning involved sweeping the cars off and shoveling it all away so the sun and salt can get to work. When I started, it was still single digits out, and now it’s warmed up to a balmy 11 degrees on Fahrenheit scale. That’s -11C for you Canadians who no doubt wonder why I’d complain about such warm weather. But for me it’s enough to make me wear my big silly looking Russian hat. Hey, it’s warm. Shows 64 degrees in my office now, because the furnace has some trouble keeping up, but compared to outside it’s the South Pacific in here. But the news links wait for no man, not even Al Gore:

But I thought AR-15s were battlefield weapons, only useful for mass murder?

Bearing Arms also has a story from the City of Brotherly Corruption. Seems some gun buyback money got “diverted.”

Some of our opponents act like nobody ever killed everyone else until about 500 years ago when firearms were invented.

S.E. Cupp: “Spare us the gun lecture, Harvey

NRA responds to Harvy Weinstein as well. If Weinstein is stupid enough to think this will hurt NRA, he’s never read this book by Brian Anse Patrick. The more they hate, the stronger we get.

Gun Nuts Media offers a Shot Show 2014 recap, and some advice on how to travel with guns on an airline.

Glenn Reynolds in USA Today: One legacy of Obama is that government conspiracy theories don’t seem so crazy anymore.

Randy Barnett: How the NSA program is like gun registration. But our opponents tell us all right-thinking people favor gun registration. It’s common sense.

It’s a shame this guy can’t use the David Gregory defense. Laws are for the little people, little person.

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  1. But I thought AR-15s were battlefield weapons, only useful for mass murder?

    They’re only mass murdering weapons of mass destruction when you own one. When a guy with a badge has one, its a personal defense weapon…. until he loses it or gives it to a Mexican drug cartel.

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