2013 Year in Review

It was good to end the year 2013 in better shape than we came into it. This time last year we were all still waiting in dread for the hammer to fall, as the unscrupulous tried to pin the actions of a madman on  the whole of our armed citizenry, and tried to ride the hobby horse all the way to every restriction they ever wanted. I think one of the bigger news stories of the year is that Mike Bloomberg leaves office, and with it MAIG is seemingly going poof, and merging with Moms Demand Action. I haven’t even completely thought through what this means, but I think it likely means a few things. For one, this was about Bloomberg’s ego. He’s not a Mayor anymore so what point does MAIG serve? For two, I think it has to be at least a tacit admission that the MAIG approach has been a failure. Overall, I don’t think much changes for us, because the real threat from Bloomberg was always his money, and now Shannon Watts gets to be the face of the movement backed by his money. The upside, as I see it, is that Shannon Watts is a radical. She’s chocked full of nonsense that’ll play well in terms of mobilizing our people.

But enough about that. I’ll follow Thirdpower’s example in looking at the past year’s stats.

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7 Responses to “2013 Year in Review”

  1. brewerbob says:

    So, does Bloomie start a run for president against Hillary? Best outcome for that would be utter destruction of the two because of massive egos. Then again, the repubs should put up another loser. Sigh.

    Hoping the hack comedian senator for minnesota can be dropped. Demos deride those that voted for Ventura, yet they vote for an snl loser. Another sigh.

  2. Andy B. says:

    ” Bloomie start a run for president against Hillary?”

    My guess? Yes, but he won’t get too far. He looks just silly with his Big Soda Ban, while, no matter how much you dislike Hillary, she doesn’t look silly. And nationally, Bloomberg will forfeit a lot of the minority vote, and left-leaning votes in general, for his stop-and-frisk policy.

    Of course during the primaries, the organized right may lay off him, and hold that stuff in reserve for the preferred scenario of him being the more easily defeated D nominee.

    • Diane says:

      Isn’t Bloomberg Republican? I thought he was a Democrat before he ran for election but switched to Republican.

      • Andy B. says:

        Wow! Yeah. Where’s my head today? Guess I left it somewhere last night.

        I think I fell into the “if it walks and talks like a duck” trap. :-)

      • janklow says:

        Bloomberg was a Democrat that switched to Republican to run, then switched to independent later. it’s not impossible to think he’d return to the Democratic Party to make a presidential run; i doubt he thinks he has THAT much in common with Republicans when it’s not about working around established Democrat politicians to get elected.

  3. David W. says:

    Well. I shot for the first time this year, 11am to 2pm or so. Me, my father, my uncle, my brother, two of my female cousins, and my brothers friend. We filled half an entire 5 gallon bucket with centerfire brass and then finished it up + an empty clay box with shotgun shells.

    My two cousins, father, and uncle fired an AR-15 for the first time. My cousins were like “There is no reason to have one of those in Ohio, why would you get one?” I answered truthfully as I saw it. Shits and giggles. They liked that answer. They were afraid of kick but we convinced them to try it. I think we have three people who aren’t freaked out over AR-15s anymore because of it, and if it wasn’t for the fact that they are expensive for a college student’s budget, they’d probably get one. (Assuming of course the money didn’t have better places to go like food, clothes, etc)

    It was fun. A lot of fun. I really like revolvers and gotta buy one asap.

    Also, for some reason Winchester 12 gauge shells kept getting stuck inside my 870 barrel and siezing up the entire gun, anybody know why?

    • Dirk Diggler says:

      what size were the shells? 2 3/4 or 3 in? And thus, do you know what size your shotgun is capable of accepting? Not all shotties can fire 3 in rounds. My mossberg is chambered for 3 in and thus I can fire both 3 and 2 3/4 in