A Shot Across the Bow

Kansas isn’t exactly a hotbed of activity for Bloomberg’s merry band of illegal mayors, but this looks like a shot across the bow to MAIG:

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas legislators are close to approving restrictions favored by the National Rifle Association on the use of state tax dollars to promote or oppose gun-control measures or to lobby local, state or federal officials on the issue.

Remember last year that it was discovered that MAIG was using taxpayer money for paid city positions to promote MAIG’s gun control agenda. This would put the kibosh on that practice. Hopefully Kansas is just a start. I’d like to start striking back at Bloomberg and making him pay for what he’s put us through this year.

4 thoughts on “A Shot Across the Bow”

  1. I believe it should be part of every state’s constitution that public money cannot be used for promoting pending or proposed legislation. I’m thinking of my Old Story, told the other day, about how the PA Department of Community Affairs (when it existed) provided the “Vote Yes” campaign in a constitutional change referendum to enable a governor’s proposed tax reform plan.

    For that matter, I’m remembering that the state sponsored the “Vote Yes” campaign when our New Age constitution was adopted, back in 1968.

  2. The DC government for years has been pushing statehood legislation. Heck, they push it on all of their license plates!

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