Congratulations, Florida!

According to law enforcement, Florida is on track to reach 1 million background checks for gun purchases in 2013. The brisk holiday gun-buying season has already driven them over the total number of background checks run last year.

3 Responses to “Congratulations, Florida!”

  1. Hank Archer says:

    I’ve been meaning to suggest this for a while,
    You two should do a podcast. I think a half-hour recording of you discussing the issues with someone like Joe Huffman and Clayton Cramer. Nothing elaborate, just a recording of a skype or other type of conference call. I think you’d find a lot of interest.

  2. Roger says:

    I’m a range officer at a large south Florida municipal range.
    Every day, the boxes with new rifles, pistols, shottys arrive for testing. I’ve been led to believe that the days after Xmas are the busiest our range will ever see.
    Please folks, remember the 4 rules!

  3. divemedic says:

    I was at Spike’s Tactical today. I had a BG check done for a pair of AR15s. The guy behind me bought 5. The marketing guy told me that they posted a sale today of an entire run of lowers at and they sold the entire run out in just 5 hours, and they were digging in the warehouse for more.