It’s Not about Background Checks

Virginia Flag

You’d think that pro-gun control folks would be happy any time a gun is purchased through a federally licensed dealer because it means there was a background check conducted and records will be kept.

But, no, that’s not good enough. The fact that someone is able to buy a gun at all is a problem for them.

That’s the message sent to us with a bill introduced in Virginia to ban all FFLs from selling rifles and shotguns to out-of-state residents who pass the background checks.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not about Background Checks”

  1. You’d think the local antis would be ecstatic the FFLs could sell long guns to out-of-state buyers (after a background check). It gets the guns out of their neighborhoods.

    Next they’ll complain that all these mandated in-state-only sales are flooding the local streets with guns and somebody should do something!!

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