California Handgun Roster Challenge

The oral arguments on this challenge were held this week, and Gene Hoffman has an update.

One Response to “California Handgun Roster Challenge”

  1. Brad says:

    In this case argued before the court the real face of “reasonable” regulation, the true nature of “common sense gun-safety” legislation, banning everything but tasers for legal self-defense. That is the power the State of California claims for itself. (And by extension the power anti-gunners claim state and local governments have across America)

    Whereas right across the border, put down your money, buy the pistol of your choice, put it in your pocket, and then take a nice walk as you go about your day, everything nice and legal.

    I can hardly wait to escape from Commiefornia. The liberal majority here is too large, too entrenched and too besotted with its power to hope for any relief within my lifespan. Thank God I can still vote with my feet.