Wednesday News Dump

It’s a busy week for me, but I still have some news in the tabs:

Just when you think his 15 minutes is over … I think I’d consider joining a monastic order if I were him.

They ban lead ammunition, and then tell us the alternatives are ‘armor piercing’. The EPA and lead opponents are also putting the squeeze on copper in addition to lead.

Why are anti-gunners so violent?

Jeff Soyer also has another “I’m a gun owner, but…” story.

Josh Prince has an update on the Erie case in Pennsylvania. This is very important case because if this goes pear shaped, it’ll significantly weaken preemption.

The Pottstown, PA Police Athletic League is raffling off a Tavor. But I thought cops were on their side?

Miguel highlights a proposed 28th Amendment repealing the 2nd. It’s laughable. It says I get to assess a 4% income tax. On who?

Banning private transfers is rearing it’s ugly head in New Mexico. The Dems are going to try to do this in every state they control.

Dave Hardy highlights an interesting study by Yale sociologists.

At least one police chief isn’t so keen on weapon-mounted flashlight. Well, there’s going to be that temptation to use the gun as a flashlight.

Home made submachine guns seized in Australia. Gun Control can never work in a technology environment where you can manufacture things like this out of your garage.

Good to see Michelle Obama helping the NRSC for 2014.

John Stossel rejected for a NYC pistol license.

I am encouraged to report increasing evidence that gun control is an old white guy’s movement.

More guns, less crime?

7 thoughts on “Wednesday News Dump”

  1. I managed to read the whole “28th amendment” and somehow maintain my composure and not smash my computer. The funny thing is, is that, Comrade “if I had a son he would look like Trayvon” Obama probably feels this way. While reading the amendment, I pictured Barack ObaMao and a slew of Communist Red Army soldiers marching in D.C. If the Dems take back the house of reps., you will probably see a couple of those points in the proposal passed. $250,000 liability insurance is nothing more than a poll tax, and the NRA needs to step up its attacks on gun control proponents. I imagine that without said insurance, the KGB thugs we call, the police, will be called out to confiscate firearms. When it comes to guns, I sadly feel that state and Federal Police are not our friends, and I can’t even say I trust our military when it comes to this issue. These “laughable” things need to be taken seriously, as we have actual communist democrats who think like this (cough..cough.., ObaMao).

  2. Somebody should register and reverse troll him, repealing each of the laws they propose to pass.

    1. Yeah. I pretty much figured that out once I saw the contact e-mail address on the “hate mail” page. Enough said.

  3. Well… This makes me think I should consider upgrading from NRA life to NRA endowment.

  4. It’s interesting to see that they want to designate the NRA and other gun rights groups as terrorists–and thus, be in direct violation of the First Amendment’s rights to free speech and to association. It’s a reminder that those who don’t accept the 2nd Amendment as a valid right, aren’t keen on preserving other rights, either!

    That, and by including particularly putative punishment on the Confederate States, that pretty much ensures that those states aren’t going to go along with the amendment!

    And I can’t even imagine the logistical nightmare that “banning guns in any building with mentally ill people in it” would be. I could be peacefully sitting at my desk at work, when my schizophrenic sister can walk into the other side of the building, and without me even knowing it, I would be violating the law. Furthermore, I suspect that this law will also apply to bipolar people, or just plain depressed people, or even to people who have the occasional panic attack. And it’s only recently that I learned that some of my relatives have had issues with these problems–some for most of their lives (and hence, most of the time I’ve known them!) AND these are ONLY the people I know personally–in general, none of us can tell a mentally ill person from someone who’s not, especially if that person is a complete stranger to us…

    The only good thing to point out, is that I don’t recall any of the amendments making exceptions for police and soldiers–which means that it’s going to apply to them, as well. (Good luck sending unarmed police officers to deal with gangs who don’t follow the law!)

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