RCMP Confiscating What They Can

Apparently while the Canadian Long Gun Registry is still operating, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are doing what they can to make use of it. Not to battle crime, mind you, but to order Canadians to turn in scary looking guns. Chief on their list is ridding Canada of a .22LR guns that happen to look like military guns. Apparently manufactured by Armi Jager of Italy.

5 thoughts on “RCMP Confiscating What They Can”

  1. Can Canadians legally sell their guns to US citizens? I’d happily buy them rather than have RCMP confiscate them.

  2. Jaeger AP-15s . . . . I have a soft spot for them, because dad had one and taught me to shoot with it. It had all the ergonomic advantages of an AR rifle (at least for a child) but in .22, roughly 25 years before everybody and his brother started building .22 ARs and conversions. I still have that one, and dad has another one now.

    The tragedy will be greater than you realize, because the RCMP is probably confiscating at least one magazine with each gun. Those magazines are impossible to find and cost nearly as much as the guns nowadays.

  3. I guess Canadians are learning that a vote can be more dangerous than a gun. At least at this point Americans are well enough armed and possibly willing to use them. Too bad more Canadians are’nt.

  4. Registration is the prerequisite for confiscation. Disobey!

    Molon Labe!

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