WaPo Says Bloomberg “Misleading” in His Virginia Attack Ads


Give credit to the WaPo for this one, they just rated Bloomberg’s effort to attack Ken Cuccinelli on gun rights 3 “Pinocchios” out of a possible 4. In fact, in their minds, these attack ads by anti-gunners should be considered to have “[s]ignificant factual error and/or obvious contradictions.”

They note that nothing that the ad complains about in regards to Cuccinelli’s record has anything to do with the murderers they show on the screen. Unfortunately, that won’t keep Bloomberg’s $3 million spend off the air.

One thought on “WaPo Says Bloomberg “Misleading” in His Virginia Attack Ads”

  1. Nor will it begin to quell the sentiments of the rest of the sycophantic media with regard to anything other than a win for “team blue” being a positive and responsible outcome of voting.

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