Barack Obama: NRA Recruiter of the Year

NRA surpasses 2 million “Likes” on Facebook.

NRA FB 2 Million

7 Responses to “Barack Obama: NRA Recruiter of the Year”

  1. Andrew says:

    Can’t say we’re not tech, and social-media savvy when half the membership has liked the org on Facebook. Hope that the Association is paying attention to that fact.

    • Sebastian says:

      Unfortunately, I doubt all those followers are members.

      • The Jack says:

        Is there an organized way to fix that?

        I’m thinking those that “Like” the NRA On FB are a low-hangin’ fruit for membership.

        • HappyWarrior6 says:

          They should offer a $10 FB special for clicking Like. Lots of businesses offer incentives to shop for doing just that.

          This is the kind of thin that just didn’t exist in 1994 when Clinton was trying to gin up support. To think the most thing people heard about “black rifles” was the stock footage of rag tag folks firing all kinds of random semi and full auto weapons on CNN.

  2. JayeRandom says:

    Finally, something worth logging in to Facebook for. :-)

  3. Chad says:

    “Recruiter of the Year”?? Best recruiter in the history of the NRA, with Bill Clinton in second place.

  4. Trevbo says:

    Just signed up yesterday for first time. My parents became members today.