3 thoughts on “Easy Answer”

  1. I disagree.

    I would buy it all. Every caliber, every make & model, and then plenty of ammunition to keep me happy for years to come.

    I would then make them all available for usage at the local range for free.

    I would use my new powers for good and do every last bit I could to ensure I get as many people shooting as I can, including letting my local papers know that I will provide, free of charge, range time to their reporters so that they can report accurately on firearm related news (most local reporters are of better cloth than the nationals).

    Of course, I’d have to save a little to pay for treatment for the lead poisoning I’d most certainly have in a few years.

  2. There was one recently posted for sale in June on Subguns for $80 grand.

    That means another $20K on ammo – that’s what, 15 minutes of fire time? :)

  3. And once you’re down firing all that ammo, you get to buy a new set of barrels for it.

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