Bloomberg Spending Big in NJ Senate Race

Bloomberg is sinking a lot of money into Corey Booker’s campaign in New Jersey. Steve Lonegan has been closing the gap in the special Senate race, based largely on stumbling by Booker. Rumors are also circulating that Booker’s campaign is disorganized and hapless.

But New Jersey is still a very blue state, and unlike Christie, Lonegan isn’t very RINO. I’m skeptical Booker could actually lose, but Lonegan is a crafty campaigner, and has pulled upsets in the past before. I think Lonegan’s sole purpose, from a national point of view, was to ruin Booker national ambitions and expose him for the ethically challenged big city mayor he actually is. If there’s one thing Lonegan is exceptionally talented at it’s digging up dirt on opponents.

One Response to “Bloomberg Spending Big in NJ Senate Race”

  1. Jack says:

    Bloomberg could also be doing this to get Booker “a little bit pregnant” with the MAIG gravy train.

    This might be as much about securing future influence as it is in ensuring (padding?) an electoral victory.