A Good Deed Buys You Political Relevance?

I’m really not sure how this kind of logic works, but try to follow along as CNN’s Piers Morgan explains why it’s particularly relevant we listen to a New Jersey mayor on a shooting in Florida:

On Thursday, the 42-year-old saved a neighbor from a burning building, carrying a young woman to safety through flames, and receiving smoke inhalation and second degree burns on his hands in the process.

The recent rescue has thrust Booker into the national spotlight, allowing him the platform to comment on a variety of issues, including gun control in relation to Martin and the “Stand Your Ground” law:

Because he ran into a burning building and is getting press attention for it, this makes him even more qualified to talk about gun laws – I don’t even know how those issues even begin to connect.

Booker uses the question to push for gun control like going after FFLs and gun shows – neither issue which has anything to do with the Florida situation.

2 thoughts on “A Good Deed Buys You Political Relevance?”

  1. I don’t even know how those issues even begin to connect.

    It’s the same way a marionette doll’s arms and legs are connected. First you pull one line, then the other, and PRESTO the doll dances. You might not see the connection…but you can see the doll dance.

  2. Of course, if the same person was in favor of gun rights, we’d barely hear about it. Victim/Hero Status only gives you air time if you’re on their side!

    Even so, such people, even if ignored, can’t be silenced. As Suzanna Hupp demonstrated, a horrible experience can lead to positive change (the legalization of concealed carry in Texas, having lost her parents, in this case).

    I still find it funny that we should listen to Japete because she lost a sister to a psycho murderer who happened to use a gun, but ignore Suzanna, even though she lost both her parents to a gun-weilding psycho murderer…because she regretted leaving her gun in her car, rather than conclude that we need to ban guns.

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