Anger Still High in New York

Anger over the SAFE Act in New York is still bringing out standing room only crowds. The unfortunate thing for New Yorkers is that the upstate people can’t outvote down state. We’re counting on the courts to save New York now, which is hardly a great place to be.

In the mean time, I would be educating those crowds in New York on jury nullification. If you think the law is unjust, you don’t have to convict anyone for violating it, no matter what lies the judge tells you. It doesn’t honestly matter what the law says, if prosecutors can’t find juries to convict on SAFE act charges, then for all practical purposes the activities it prohibits are legal. Juries are an ultimate check by the people on governmental power. Learn about your duties, try to get on juries, and vote to acquit. Hang juries if you have to.

One thought on “Anger Still High in New York”

  1. Getting all the way to a jury trial is still a significant punishment. I’m not sure of the specifics in NY, but here in MA, if they charge you, they’re confiscating all of your guns and ammunition and charging you a total of $45 + $35/gun + 50 cents/gun/day for the duration to get them back. Plus you have all of the costs of a lawyer.

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