How’s That Shutdown Working For Ya?

Today the sun came up, the Internet still works, I was able to buy gas, and it would seem that a partial shutdown of the government has no effect on the properties of concrete and asphalt. I can keep this up as long as they want. I don’t get why people get so angry over stuff like this, as polls show the government shutdown is unpopular. Do you notice? I don’t. Apparently NICS is considered critical, so gun sales aren’t stopping. I guess Obama didn’t want to risk the default proceed.

11 Responses to “How’s That Shutdown Working For Ya?”

  1. Matt says:

    I live outside DC and I say “Bring it on!”. Let the country see that the world doesn’t end because the big, benevolent Government isn’t there to guide them through the day. Maybe people will realize “Hmm, do I need the Government today? Is it affecting me?” and come to the conclusion of “No.”. The sun rises, stores open, life goes on.

    If I was a politician, that would be my biggest fear. Even with the media panting it is all the Republicans fault (note that they don’t talk about the Senate’s unwillingness to negotiate on their turf as if the Democrats are automatically right). While I may not agree this is the particular hill to fall on the Obamacare sword, law of the land is meaningless. Is that what is trying to be done here? Change the law of the land? Extract some policy concessions? If the White House can arbitrarily delay the law of the land, why can’t the Republicans pass a law delaying the law? At least one of those is the correct way to do it and it isn’t the Oval Office.

    At best, it improves my commute around the DC Beltway. I subscribe to the idea that the least amount of interaction with the Government I have, the happier I am. Generally to the IRS in the form of “Here’s my taxes, thanks! Now go away!”.

  2. Zermoid says:

    Federal Parks are closed, big deal……

    • Bitter says:

      Someone in DC noted that even though Park Police are considered essential employees and working at full staff, they still went out of their way to block off all paths to open air park areas.

      • Jack says:

        Yeah, they’re expending *extra* effort to “shut down” things.

        It’s not extortion when the President does it!

        • Sigivald says:

          To be fair, the Parks Department does that no matter who’s President, and might not even stop if the President directly ordered them to.

          They’re their own little fiefdom, as far as I can tell, empowered by the ability to decide that the most popular Parks are somehow the ones that must shut down first.

          If I was ever appointed President – and couldn’t weasel out of it – they’d be high on the list for Changes Being Made.

          • Geodkyt says:

            Um, they DIDN’T do it during the previous government shutdown. This is NEW.

  3. Merle says:

    I just watched the prez’s speech “explaining” how everything is the Republican’s fault. I need a drink – of Maalox!!!


  4. Robb Allen says:

    To be pedantic, the gov’t shutting down for a few hours isn’t going to immediately hurt any more than that first brain eating amoeba will.

    The problem is that the gov’t will shut down essentials first so that people feel the pain. When grandma’s SS checks aren’t sent out, she suffers. Congress continues to get paid, billions in crony-capitalism continue to get spent, etc.

    It’s like a hospital that says it will cut off all anesthesia if funding for a new lobby isn’t approved.

    And with nearly 50% of the populace dependent on the Feds for some sort of support / paycheck… Well, I hate to bring up how this is going to end.

    • Sebastian says:

      The shutdown won’t affect government checks. They will still apparently go out. But the executive branch will always have the stronger hand in these kinds of confrontations. That’s one reason I’m surprised the GOP was OK with going off the cliff. Obama should take a lot of the blame for this, but he won’t because the media will help him pin this on the GOP.

    • DevsAdvocate says:

      Eh, screw grandma. Social Security sucks anyways.

      • Zermoid says:

        Yeah, but when that monthly ‘it barely covers the bills’ pittance suddenly stops coming in and the bills no longer get paid grandma is in deep shit.