Lying to Cheer Themselves Up

Whatever makes the gun control advocates sleep better at night, even after people point out that NICS is still up and active for gun purchases, they can keep lying to their followers.

Of course, Charles C. W. Cooke takes on Piers to note that this celebration of the idea that guns can’t be sold to people who pass background check seems to conflict with his claims of not being against gun ownership:

And Emily Miller tries her best to deflate his good mood with a little basic fact-checking:

9 Responses to “Lying to Cheer Themselves Up”

  1. Zermoid says:

    Actually I’d say they are ALL wrong. You don’t need a permit to buy a gun, and carry permits are issued by the State and not the Feds.

    Either way they are both wrong.

    • Bitter says:

      I just attributed that to his tendency to use British terms & spellings, even though he’s been living in America for years and employed by an American company. I was almost tempted to mock his spelling of realize when I realized (with a z) that it’s just because he’s insisting on using the British terms rather than adopting. (Here’s hoping he’ll just decide to go back. We could all chip in for a first class ticket if he wants.)

      • John A says:

        Mr. Morgan’s contract is about to run out. While there are rumors he will be offered a backstage job, the on-air contract will not be renewed.

    • Sigivald says:

      Like Chris says below, some states use an FBI background check on prints as part of the process.

      So there is Federal involvement even if the Feds don’t actually issue the permit.

      The better states will have a delay clause around that, but it will at least delay some people, probably.

      • John A says:

        The FBI is considered essential and is not affected by the “shutdown” the way Park Rangers are.

        The TSA (spit) is also still working, though there seems to be a problem with their computers – IT workers may not be “essential” for the Agency?

        Have heard possible good news, seems about 93% of the EPA is “non-essential.”

  2. Jack says:

    Also Morgan, way to point out that if all gun sales had to go through the feds then the feds could simply block all sales at a whim.

  3. For some reason, CNN has been stating for weeks that your “gun permits” won’t be processed. I have no idea what they are talking about.

    NICS — Still running.
    Class 3 Stamps — Other agencies like State Dep’t and IRS are continuing to process revenue payments so I don’t know why this would stop. It is a cash cow revenue stream.
    Background checks for CCWs — Maybe FBI is stopping their fingerprint checks or something? Many shall-issue states have a “default proceed” hard coded into the law though so shouldn’t be a factor.

    CNN has been doing this fear mongering for awhile now though so I guess it makes sense that Piers is jumping on board.

  4. Cargosquid says:

    Or you live in a free state like Virginia and can buy or sell private property that happens to be a gun without a NICS check and carry openly without a permit.

    Imagine ol’ Piers ending up down here…..

  5. snoopycomputer says:

    Piers is going to tweet again, but this time base it on facts. So, he wants us all to go out and buy a gun to check if NICS is *REALLY* still running OK, then tweet back to him.


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