I know that plenty of people complain about the volume of fundraising mail from NRA all of the time. I now plan to tell those people that if they want, they can go join the anti-gun groups to see how great they have it under NRA.

In the last two days, my account for OFA to see what they are doing on gun control, has received 8 fundraising messages. That’s 4 requests for money a day.

They try using guilt, they try giving rewards, and they try creating false reporting deadlines. Oh, and don’t forget the standard messages that the world will end if you don’t give them money.

And don’t think you can get away from the demands for more money on social media since they also posted multiple times there about how it’s time for you to give them more cash.

So, yes, while I understand the annoyance of getting several fundraising letters from NRA, just imagine if they were clogging your inbox with 4 pleas for cash every single day. We’re not talking informative messages with news or links you want that just happen to have a fundraising request at the bottom, we’re talking about emails only making a fundraising request and providing no other value to the recipient whatsoever.

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  1. I get at least one pitch for money every week from Mr. Gabby Giffords aka Mark Kelly for their Americans for (so-called) Responsible Solutions. He never comments or pushes his agenda without asking for money.

    1. yeah… I’d have to tell them each time that I can’t support a felon that tried to “straw purchase” an “evil black rifle.”

    2. I get the same messages. My policy is that I send double what the ARS is asking for to the NRA.

  2. The real question is whether they offer keychains or life insurance. That’d clearly be the deal sealer right there. :-P

    It is easy to stop the NRA junk mail. Just call member services (# on the back of your card) and ask to be put on the “Promo Kill” list. It stops all the advertisements.

    1. Most of the time when I suggest that to people who are complaining, they tell me they don’t really want to do that. In other words, they really have no issue with the volume of mail at all and just want something to complain about.

  3. The one that killed me was the “Banned Guns” raffle that I got a few weeks ago. They’re raffling off lots of non-SAFE act compliant stuff. And they sent it to me. In NY.


  4. I’ll echo that Bitter. In the past 24 hours I’ve received 8 solicitations from Obummer’s Organizing For Action (OFA). Frankly, they are very good propagandists about asking for money and throwing guilt at you if you don’t. I laugh when I read them, but realize they are pro’s…evil, misguided, troll pro’s, but still pro’s.

    Two weeks ago I attended a lecture by Craig Huey who ran for congress in the most conservative district in the Los Angeles area. Craig is a marketing guru, and has been very successful in his business. He lectured how the Obama campaign used the race in his district as a test vehicle to win the 2012 election. Even the L.A. Times wrote an article of the same. It was amazing to hear how first the district election was run and how it was expanded and implemented nationally. Example, has anyone heard of “the Cave” in Chicago. Our side has some homework to do in … dare I say it…organizing (less bitching and more activist organizing). This blog is a good start. And of course, we have to overlook minor gun opinion disagreements and take the long view, that of a dedicated coalition.

  5. As someone who is a salesman for a living, I don’t mind teh volume, I am just sick and tired of the NRA and SAF using standard junk marketing pitch BS trumpeting the latest “crisis of the week” and asking me to fill out meaningless BS votes and polls.

    Treat me like a competent, informed adult and list what is ongoing in a calm rational manner and just ask me for money to continue their work, stop with the GOA level alarmist nonsense.

    It’s intellectually insulting.

  6. As a new member within the past year, my biggest gripe was that I was getting weekly letters telling me it was urgent to renew my membership NOW before I even received my membership card.

  7. Step 1: have the IRS demand the email list of nonprofits.
    Step 2: set up astroturf organizations with names similar to the targeted organizations.
    Step 3: spam potential donors, to sour them on reading political emails.
    As a different train of thought, I hate when the police and firefighters come door-to-door begging for donations, with the strongarm you NEED to donate tactics. It’s intentionally intimidating. Imagine after Affordable Care enrollees have their information shared. When people on the transplant list get a call telling them they NEED to donate to HRC’s campaign, how are they going to feel?

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