Next Target for the Anti-Gun Campaign

It’s Staples. Now, let us not make the same mistake here we made with Starbucks. Staples just wants to sell office supplies. They don’t want to end up in the middle of a gun control fight, be forcibly dragged into the debate, or have people running around in their stores with long guns. I would suggest the wise strategy is to ignore this completely, and only if Staples gives into the bullies do we bring down the god hammer on them and make them realize they chose poorly. I’m not even suggesting people write letters to corporate. Starbucks was not won by the anti-gunners, it was lost by idiots on our own side.

15 thoughts on “Next Target for the Anti-Gun Campaign”

    1. The Staples near me is not posted. I hope people don’t push Staples and it stays that way.

  1. Why bother with Staples? Amazon has everything they do, at better prices, and sells shooting supplies too.

  2. The nearest Staples to me already had a bad experience with an insane fellow adjunct who walked into the store to ask if her campaign signs for her run for Congress were ready, drew her laser-sighted Beretta, and asked them if she was ready to meet God. Fortunately, she is a Democrat, and only won 42% of the primary vote a few weeks later.

    Think of how the other Democrat in the race felt — he wasn’t been confined to a mental hospital in a highly publicized assault with a deadly weapon case in the last weeks of the primary campaign, and still had a hard time beating her. Of course, she had some unfair advantages: she had been previously involuntarily committed, her medical license revoked, and she was a pretty open lesbian with rainbow hair color.

    1. Come on, you have to link a pic or link to a news story – this is just too good.

    1. I don’t think one can honestly call Sebastian anti OC.

      What his thrust is that an OC protest has to have an overall strategy.

      And using OC to get CCW fits that to a T.

      Doing X because you want to and because it’s your right. Sure that’s a fine reason. It might not be *wise* but that’s how liberty works. And I can use my rights to try to convice others that it might not be a good idea. (I’m not advocating any law or force against OC protesting)

      But if you want to do X to acomplish a political goal then one should have a plan as to how a given tactic can evolve into aquiring goals.

      For more on that go to Sharp as a Marble and read up on Robb Allen’s OC events. And note how they differ from many of the Starbucks OC events.
      Both in methods and goals.

    2. I’m not lumping them all together. I’m speaking specifically of the people who carrying AR-15s into Starbucks or otherwise trying to make Starbucks a player in the issue. Open carry is a workable tactic in some circumstances. I don’t deny that.

  3. My state (WA) issues a flimsy paper CPL that we are expected to carry for 5 years. Fortunately they have no problems with the holder laminating the license so it actually can last that long.

    On my last two renewals I took my license to my local staples, they laminated it and refused to charge me for it. Now that was only a couple bucks.

  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me this means there will be open carry demonstrations at Staples! All the gun control groups have to do is convince gun owners to act like idiots. And apparently that doesn’t take much effort at all. And the best part? They think they’re “helping”.

    No matter which way this plays out, it’s good TV.

  5. I just checked the tweet comments from the overly demanding moms, and they were all pro-gun. I thought I would share this funny one with y’all (from a lady no less):

    Susan Ross ‏@Tactbarbie 24 Sep
    @MomsDemand @Staples why don’t you ignorant over emotional idiots go bake something and stop trying to ruin the constitution

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