Playing Chicken

A guy shows up to an open carry protest illegally carrying a chicken to make a point. My solution to this absurdity is to question why it’s illegal to carry a chicken in Appleton, Wisconsin. If the goal of the chicken carrier was to raise awareness of the absurdity of a law banning chickens in public, I’d say mission accomplished. I favor repeal.

I’d also note that long gun open carry is now being subject to effective parody, which generally a good indication it’s time to give that shit a break. Just because you can and it’s your right doesn’t mean you should.

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  1. Meh… OCing long guns is a bad idea right now. It may be even be a warning sign of “overreach” on the side of gun rights. I don’t know, but it’s definitely not helping in the public eye.

    BTW… I sure hope any Virginians reading this are keeping up with McAuliffe’s talk of pressing for gun control after meeting with Mike Bloomberg…

  2. I live in VA. I think gun control is a dead cause to be honest. If there were more delegates etc from the Arlington area maybe I would be more nervous, but I don’t think McAuliffe, should he be elected, can get enough support overall to do much.

    Maybe my head is buried in the sand. God knows I am wrong about almost everything I make predictions on.

    1. Even if he can’t get new gun control pushed through he’d still get a veto pen.

      That would make passing laws that help our side that much harder.

      There’s not to mention the state level positions the Gov picks. (I’m not familair with VA state mechanics. How much can the gov do on selecting attorny generals, judges, and the like.)

      1. Don’t mean to hijack this thread with VA politics….but…. :-)

        Attorney General is elected in Virginia. I have to admit I don’t know either candidate. In the past though they have been very autonomous, and in many cases embarrassing.

        Judges I believe are appointed.

        That being said I see your point regarding veto etc.

        Just saw your other response. So this part is different than what I had just typed…. It seems that the lead changes every day. Both candidates suck. As I have stated before I vote more than one issue, so sometimes that means lesser of two evils. This time, both candidates are so slimy in my mind that I have no idea which way to go. I cannot in good conscience vote for Cuccinelli. But I cannot in good conscience vote for the carpet bagger either. Sigh….

          1. Last I saw the libertarian candidate was running about 10%. My father in law and I were talking about this other day, its likely my vote will go that way.

        1. I don’t live in VA but to me it sounds simple…

          One has openly threatened your gun rights. The other has not.

          They are probably both equally scandalous. The libertarian is pulling 8-10%, and about the same are undecided in a purple state.

          The race is neck and neck. Need more to go by?

  3. Terry McAuliffe’s website updated with endorsements of a private sale ban, magazine bans, and one gun a month.

    While all going on about how “mainstream and majority supported” and “Colorado-style” it all is. I wonder why his campaign did that. Isn’t he in a lead that’s being nibbled at?

    You’d think in a state like Virginia he’d shut up about gun control and let dog-whistles of his meetings with Bloomberg speak for his true intentions.

    Especially the pledge of going back to One-gun-a-month. No anti-gun state did that this year, not even Cali or New York. Why open up that can of worms?

    1. McAuliffe is an empty suiter of the first degree. He showed up to an interview with a tech council wholly unprepared for any question and having not read any of the background they provided. When asked to opine on whether he’d support a particular law, he asked, “what do you want me to do?”

      They said, “support.”

      He said, “sure, then that is what I will do.”

      They endorsed Cuccinelli instead.

      He is driven by Dem ideology and his impressions of the wind. I will laugh my ass off if he loses because the MSM have been peddling a false narrative that 90% of the people want Bloomberg’s gun control, and he actually believed it.

      Can you imagine what fits the MSM would have in the case their narrative actually ended the Progressive dream in Virginia?

  4. I doubt Mr. Chicken F-er would be content with a $263 fine for those who open carry. He’d probably lobby to have their cheeks pressed against a police car hood with cuffs around their wrists.

  5. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure the Age of Obama and the current political climate are the time to be sending a message to the GOP by voting for a third party candidate who has no chance of winning. Those recriminations can come when we’re out of the woods. If McAuliffe wins, that will be a huge boost to Bloomberg. Pick a side. I know both candidates suck, but this isn’t the time for protest votes. Too much is on the line.

  6. Your statement: Just because you can and it’s your right doesn’t mean you should.

    I guess that should apply equally to the 1st amendment as well?

    1. I don’t understand this argument that just because we can doesn’t mean that we should. What’s the point of the right if we can’t use it? From a strategic point of view, sure, I can see that it’s inflammatory. But the point is to make it not inflammatory. And we can’t do that if we don’t actually exercise the right. Can it be done in less flagrant ways? Sure. But to say that we shouldn’t do it defeats the entire purpose of fighting for the right. It’s not a right if it’s on the books and yet we can’t exercise it.

      1. Are we trying to normalize carrying rifles in public? If so why? Does anyone actually want to carry a rifle or shotgun in public everywhere they go for reasons other than to get attention?

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