Kinder, Gentler Militia

Looks like NPR is discovering the militia movement isn’t so nuts after all. Truth is a good part of the movement has always been kinder and gentler, even in the 1990s. It’s just that the media took all the kooky right groups and melted them all into a single, scary conglomeration that never really existed. There was some good, academic treatment of the movement in the 1990s, that got a lot of the distinctions between the various elements of the movement, but to the media it was always the same kind of right-wing quackery.

5 thoughts on “Kinder, Gentler Militia”

  1. I listened to this program this morning as I got ready for work. I’m going to contact and thank them for a good balanced story.

  2. I read a bunch of the comments, typical liberal ignorant asshole remarks. “who needs guns like that” “compensating for a small penis” “terrorists” etc,etc… Yawn :-I
    It just reinforced my growing intolerance for the left wingers.

  3. Woah.

    How did this happen? I thought these bills were all sent to die in a special subcommittee comprising handpicked Fairfax county democrats.

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