Philadelphia Foot Fettish Attacker

This guy is just asking to get shot. When he grabs for the shoes, that’s always a good opportunity to paint the sidewalk with this guy’s brains. This is why more women need to carry, especially in a city with as many warped human beings as Philadelphia.

“I used to walk my dog early in the morning before I went to work, all around the school, now I just stay on Parrish. I take my cell phone, sometimes I talk to someone. It’s scary,” said Fairmount resident, Kathleen Bannon.

Yeah, that cell phone is really going to help. I wish the media and politicians would stop perpetuating this myth that cell phones will protect you.  Talking to someone on your god damned phone is an invitation to a robber, because it means you aren’t paying attention to what’s going on around you.  Paying attention will protect you a lot more than any friggin cell phone.  By the time whoever you’re talking to calls the police, you’re either out your money, and your shoes, a rape victim, or you’re a stain on the sidewalk.  My guess is this shoe fetish attacker is a seriously dangerous individual, more so than ordinary armed robbers, and need to be stopped before he kills or rapes someone.  But you won’t hear anyone in Philadelphia suggesting women take self-defense classes and get licensed to carry weapons.  No, just carry a cell phone.  If you’re lucky, the police will show up before you become a statistic.

2 thoughts on “Philadelphia Foot Fettish Attacker”

  1. On the other hand, I bet carrying a cell phone is actually a good defense if you act like you”re talking to your friend about meeting up at the firing range or the next NRA meeting. Or, if you’re only worried about muggings (i.e. you’re male or a really hideously unattractive female), you can just talk about how broke you are and how you can’t even get accepted for a credit card. See, it’s all in the presentation.

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