A Movement of Old White Men

So Glenn Reynolds notes, along with a New York Times article that highlights the growth of women in the movement. Now to be fair, there’s plenty of old, white women in the gun control movement too. I’ve long pondered whether our success was a result of previous generations of culture warriors dying off, leaving behind younger generations that don’t care as much for the practice.

2 thoughts on “A Movement of Old White Men”

  1. Or at least not as much for being a culture warrior against guns.

    I wonder if there’s any effect from the mainstreaming of videogames that have “realistic” firearms. For many young gunnies playing games does get their interest up.

    There could aslo be the social media style effect where it’s easier to have a friend who is a gunnie. Much like having a friend who is gay, it’s harder to get a good demonization up when you have your friend going “What, I’m one of the good ones then?”

    Which is party of why so much of Gun Control is based around keeping “those people” out of polite society.

    1. The connection between realistic firearms in videogames and Young people being interested in taking up shooting sports is something I think we’ve ignored for too long. It’s certain that someone has noticed though; In the last couple iterations of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game series, Manufacturer logos have been appearing on the weapons and accessories in the game.

      When a person spends a lot of time looking at a screen with a virtual ACR that says “Remington” on the side and sees the EoTech logo every time he “aims” the weapon, that has to have an advertising effect.

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