Morse Concedes

Repeat after me: gun control is a losing issue for Democrats. Morse is conceding that he has indeed been recalled. Giron is doing better, but results are very preliminary, and she was a stretch goal to begin with. We can get the rest of the bastards in 2014 regardless, but we can’t go back to sleep.

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  1. These results are going to get interesting. It looks like Giron might be on her way out too. Early results, at least in PA, tend to favor the urban dems and are often skewed. I know know how the count vote in CO, but with 25% now reporting, Giron is in trouble.

  2. From Twitter: @ConArtCritic: #COrecall UPDATE #SD3 Giron recall YES now leading 56.9% No 43% with big dump of about 8000 votes

    With this and the Weiner/Spitzer meltdowns, Mike Bloomberg has poured a lot a ton of money into losing causes in two different states.

    1. He could of poured 10 million into it and not batted an eye over that loss. Unless he lost, which he did, which would make him a little upset. The only thing that hypothetically could of come out of that is voters got pissed Bloomberg put that much into it. Since of course to them Bloomberg money is more important than listening to there constituents. In fact if Bloomberg gives them enough money they will tell there constituents to shut up.

      I fully expect the anti-gun crowd to cry for several days over all the money NRA spent without mentioning Bloomberg, one man, outspent the NRA.

  3. If Giron gets dumped this would be a tremendous victory and at this moment it is a good chance it will happen.

  4. Looks like those investments in the BFDF paid off.

    On a practical level, this changes nothing in CO now. The Gov and legislature are still firmly in D hands. Indeed, the new CO Senate majority leader is likely to be even more anti-gun than Morse, who declared assault rifles and their owner to be a blight.

    The worst case is that the CO legislature retaliates with punitive Coercive Acts aimed at cousin humping rednecks over the next year or so. They can ram through pretty much anything they want, I suspect, and the damage could be hard to undo.

    Hopefully, the message has been sent though and the Dems start to rethink taking orders from Bloomberg and the White House on this issue.

    1. Not necessarily. Remember the gun laws in the senate really only passed by one vote (if I recall correctly the magazine ban passed 18-17). This would mean that pro-gun votes are now the majority sitting at 19-16. Coupled with what just happened I don’t think many of the fence sitting dems that voted yes to gun control would be happy to follow their leader down a path that will repeat tonight

      1. Eh, as I recall a few of the votes were engineered to be “allowed” to vote no because the D’s knew they had the margin.

        Hopefully this keeps them running scared, though.

        1. Maybe, but I remember during those hectic days prior to the vote some D’s came out an openly said they weren’t going to vote for it.

        2. That’s almost always the case in situations like that. You just have to keep track of who’s willing to fuck you if things get tough and take note.

      2. But they do not give a damn about there constituents or voters. Bloomberg money and banning guns is ALL they care about in this area. And the more Bloomberg give them the more they will ignore. And if it gets bad they can just ask Bloomy for a few hundred thousand, maybe couple to buy the election by outspending the other guy 10-20 to 1.

  5. This is a great victory! Even one is awesome, but to get two? Crazy.

    And remember, Morse isn’t just a regular Senator, he’s the Senate President.

    Sebastian is right- let’s take this momentum into 2014 and end them for ever.

  6. It looks like Morse lost by less than THREE HUNDRED votes! This was more of a squeaker than originally thought. This should be reason alone to get everyone we know out and to the polls in 2014.

    1. Ooops… misread. A little more than 300 votes. Still, that’s a “moral victory” there unseating a sitting senate leader.

  7. A further point that this reinforces. Our issue is a WINNER for the GOP. Given the current shakiness of the Republican coalition, being able to be the guys who still deliver is quite potent.

  8. Giron is being called out at 60/40 so it looks like we got them both.

    My Rep tells me the Dems were scared to death that 2 of the 5 recall elections happened at all and now this. We need to keep pushing.

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