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Very interesting. They even seem to be organizing into a well-regulated militia of sorts. Read the whole thing.

Well, let’s be honest, when it comes to the folks who argue that we have to be a well-regulated militia to assert our rights, there wouldn’t be any “militia” that’s “well-regulated” enough for them to be comfortable with the idea.

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  1. I’ve wondered for YEARS why no one has re-made the Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven and updated with drug lords as villains and Iraq/Afghanistan vets as the swords/guns for hire.

    Now it looks like reality is catching up with me.

  2. “Then there was the gang’s ruthless, mafia-like control of almost every facet of the local economy, down to a street-side taco stand.

    The area’s lime growers, for example, were taxed by metrics that included acreage, limes harvested and crates packed. The meager wages of the lime pickers were also taxed, along with the bus fares that they paid to get to the groves. Gang members taxed sacks of corn and the tortillas made from them. A man installing a floor in his house soon had a gang member at his door, demanding a fee. A man who ran a restaurant said the cartel began taking a cut of the coins in his jukebox.”

    So they were Democrats?

    1. Something in this for everyone!

      For those of us who believe in empowerment and freedom, a story of citizens rising up to defend what is theirs and demand their freedom.

      For Obama/Pelosi/Reid supporters … a tale of taxation levels that will make them breathe hard.

      Kind of like the old “Whale Wars” show on Animal Planet. I watched it to enjoy the antics of the hippies and cheer for the Japanese, and my liberal friends watched it to cheer on the hippies.

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