Who’s Buying Colorado?

Mayor Bloomberg, it seems (link fixed, sorry about that):

The group that is organizing to defend Senate President John Morse is semi-humorously named “A Whole Lot of People For John Morse.”

Wanna guess which of the whole lotta people who like John Morse like him most?

Three words…Mayor. Bloom. Berg.

Read the whole report. Are Coloradans going to be OK with Mayor Bloomberg buying their legislature? I guess we’ll find out in 2014.

10 thoughts on “Who’s Buying Colorado?”

  1. They are paying for robocalls that imply that the petition circulators are felons and child molestors.

    1. ?????

      You have your own server, don’t you?
      If you are renting server space from a non gun friendly company I’d be likely to blame them for messing with you……

      1. It’s not a server issue. It happens when I don’t fully copy the URL. I’m not sure why it’s happening lately.

  2. I love the spin the media is putting on the anti-gun victory in Colorado. One main stream report I saw called it a “grass roots” victory, which is some serious BS.

    We pro-gun people filled up every meeting they had. I attended a townhall for my state senator, who’s in a very liberal district (since we got gerrymandered around last time) and out of going on 200 people in a smallish library meeting room there were maybe 3 people NOT wearing one of the pro-gun stickers handed out at the door. And only one had the courage to speak (even though that person was treated respectfully, I’m glad to say).

    Pro-gun people filled up the capital during the votes and filled up the in boxes of every legislators voice mail and email. The grass roots was all pro-gun and when they did get a few anti-gun people to mix in it was astroturf.

    We’ll see in the next election if the Republican’s were right to stick with us (which they did admirably) or if the Democrats were right to assume the pro-gun vote was already in the Republican camp. Personally I think we’ll turn the next election to a degree, just don’t know if it’s enough to turn back the onslaught of anti-gun bills that will follow if the Dem’s get away with it. If we take the house/senate/governor then gun control will be dead here for another decade or two.

    I think it was a mistake to try the recalls, but if one or two wins that would be some nice momentum and a black eye for Bloomberg and friends.

  3. This is a nobrainer, Colorado is already infected by California and other left coast looney progressive do gooders. Bloomturd is just trying to push west, blanketing this half of the country in his superior intellect. His help in winning Colorado over is only to save down trodden masses. Having accomplished this the progressive leftists will have saved the masses and the entire nation in their quest to create utopia.

  4. The pro-recall forces need to start running ads Alinskying Bloomberg, make him the face of the anti-recall effort. Be blunt — run an ugly mug of Bloomberg looking condescending and report exactly how much dough he’s pouring in to support the recall targets.

    Tie the anti-gun reps, via Bloomberg, to jihads against large sodas and general NYC-style soft authoritarianism.

  5. BTW when the Colorado sheriffs unveil their monster lawsuit against the new gun control package, the pro-recall ads need to pick up on that too, big time.

    “Sen. ____ voted for Bloomberg-supported restrictions on Colorado citizens so unconstitutional that [X number of] Colorado sheriffs have gone to court to try to stop them!”

    Think that will get the soccer moms’ attention?

  6. “Lot of people” is also running a radio ad in Colorado Springs that would have you believe that anyone coming to your door to ask for signatures on the Morse recall effort (state senate president behind the gun control effort, his district includes downtown Colorado Springs) is a rapist, a child molester or worse…if there’s anything worse…
    Disgusting ad from a disgusting source.

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