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I always build up news stories over the weekend. Then the question is whether I have anything to add, or just put it in the news links. But there’s always the risk I’ll dump it as a link, and then run out of material. Sometimes the cycle is dry. I am, however, working on a series post, that’s a bit more involved. Hopefully that will go this week. Here’s the news otherwise:

Bloomberg fail. Only 15 people show up to a rally. A lot of us worry about gun owners returning to slumber, but the other side has that problem too. They might as well not bother, says Miguel.

Massad Ayoob: Talk at the Scene, Talk on the Stand. More on the Zimmerman case, and whether you should talk to cops or take the stand in your defense.

No special session in Florida on Stand Your Ground laws.

Bug-a-salt gun terminal ballistics. All you ever wanted to know about blasting bugs with salt.

Second Amendment supports thrive on scare tactics. Pot, meet kettle. I think you’ll find it’s also black.

Fellow blogger Wyatt Earp just lost his father, Philadelphia Firefighter and lifetime NRA member. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family at this difficult time.

From research this weekend, I discovered I have a 1st cousin, 4x removed who was one of the 9 sailors that perished when the USS Lavender struck a reef off North Carolina, 12 Jun 1864. My 3rd great grandfather had to swear an affidavit as to the marriage of the cousin’s parents, and the cousin’s birth in Northern Ireland so his family could get the pension, which was the clue that lead me to it.

One thought on “Monday News”

  1. “In a news release distributed at a rally in Byrd Park, Mayors Against Illegal Guns — citing ATF data — said the number of guns sold by Virginia firearms dealers in 2009 that were trafficked to other states and recovered at crime scenes was 130 percent more than the national average”

    So the major point in the rally was to expand background checks to PRIVATE transfers, yet they use a statistic related to DEALER transfers to support their argument. I’m sorry, dealer transfers already require a background check so I don’t really see the relevance.

    And the reason why dealer transfers that end up at a crime scene in other states is 130% more than the national avg couldn’t possibly be because of the state’s relatively close proximity to such gun friendly places like Maryland, DC, and NY could it?!?

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