7 thoughts on “John Morse Recall Ad”

    1. The ad it’s self seems good, just that final still image can be taken 2 ways..

  1. Personally, if I were a Coloradan, and not already dialed into the gun issue as the motivator and goal for the recall, I’d see that ad, think “same old crap,” and “from the usual suspects” and not be motivated by it to change my mind in any way. In particular, if I had been a member of the majority that had elected him in the first place, it probably wouldn’t motivate me to change my mind about him — again, unless I was really motivated by the gun issue.

    So I guess what I’m saying is, I think the NRA should confine itself to issuing strong reminders about the gun issue. Making that last among to-be-expected Republican talking points makes it sound like partisanship is their real motivation, and I don’t think that is helpful.

    Of course, I’m not on the ground in Colorado.

  2. I got dizzy watching that flying road thing. Can’t they just put puppies or something in the background and say Morse would stomp them if he stays in office?

    It’d be at least as honest as most gun control ads.

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