What Safety Rule?

Far be it for me to defend Bloomberg, but the only problem I can see here is that the slides aren’t locked back to indicate an empty chamber. But not all firearms have slides that lock back, so I consider that splitting hairs. No one is handling the guns that I can see, so unless you violate gun safety rules every time you go downrange with weapons cleared, there’s no problem here. The rule involves guns that are being handled. Guns sitting on a display table don’t magically go off. Otherwise your typical gun show is an egregious violation of gun safety rules.

Listen, I appreciate that the right media is getting into the gun thing, and trying to defend the right. But sometimes it’s not only the mainstream media, or left media, that needs to learn a lesson or two about guns.

13 thoughts on “What Safety Rule?”

  1. Tsk. The real violation here is easy to spot: No price tags. C’mon, in NYC it’s a horrible, mean, nasty awful crime; where I live, it’s a table at a garage sale.

  2. I wonder if these were actually the guns that were confiscated or just a random selection grabbed from their evidence vault like Chicago did.

  3. No Gun Locks?

    I thought gun locks solved everything!

    Actually, I am sort of surprised they did not disable them with zip ties?

  4. I appreciate and agree with your observation. However, I wonder how many of Bloombergs ilk would feel so complacent if it was a gun show, as opposed to a NY media-feeding trough.

    I don’t advocate for playing by their rules, but we do need to politely point out the inconsistency of their argument. (many opportunities here)

  5. The safety violation – law-abiding citizens of New York will not be able to protect themselves with those guns – or any others.

  6. Great Point. This is how every pistol case in every gun shop I’ve been too looks like. Just about every gun (with exception of various “Gun Tetris” use of space) is pointed at your knees.

  7. agree…also ditto for the magazine/clip arguments from those debates..not helpful.

  8. What’s ammusing is the NYPD’s hamfisted response: hanging up on reporters and going “they’re unloaded chill out!”

    If they were a bit more up on the ball they could have cited the four rules, or that this is how guns are stored at gunshops or gunshows.

    Oh wait… that would require being informed on gun culture and admiting that gun people can be safe.

  9. For me, it wasn’t so much the table layout as it was their demeanor. That, and if you displayed anything of the sort, you’d be arrested and they’d probably through in a public-safety-violation charge because you didn’t zip tie the bolts open.

  10. Muzzles pointing sideways is a static display.

    The guns look more threatening, and will be reported with that mindset, if the reporter is sitting in the presser with all those muzzles pointed right at them the whole time.

    Whether NYPD is that crafty I don’t know, but that’s the effect.

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