Colorado Recall Elections Get Complicated & Weird


The recall elections targeting anti-gun state senators in Colorado just got a little more interesting for the major parties because the courts are forcing a change to allow Libertarians on the ballots. A judge ruled that the timelines the government set for gathering signatures violated the state’s constitutional provisions.

On one hand, this makes it more likely that elections will be held in person and that’s bad for the Democratic incumbents. On the other hand, with at least one of those seats being held by a guy who won because of a split vote, it could make it tougher to actually unseat them with one candidate. To make the election nice and messy, hundreds of ballots have already been mailed that are now likely incorrect.

For the weird factor, a former candidate in the recall races is demanding $54 million from various Republican officials and committees in Colorado and a gun shop owner because she seems to claim that breaking the news that she writes dirty books was slander – even though she admits writing the books. Her rambling accusations against party members also say they are capable of hurting her pets and committing terrorism, which is almost weirder than the claim that they owe her tens of millions of dollars. The claim also appears to accuse these folks of election fraud for the acts of trying to influence opinions of who might make a better candidate.

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  1. Off topic but I just wanted to say you have an excellent blog. Discovered you this morning and now have you linked at my place.

  2. I’d think that if this goes to court she’d be in more trouble than they are……

    1. I suspect as much, too. At least based on the claims she published in her demand letter. I actually read it, and I see her as the one who is throwing around implications and accusations of terrorism (citing the Patriot Act, oddly) and implying that she has reason to fear they will potentially violate animal cruelty laws against her pets (a reference for which I could find no evidence or demonstrable threat in her document).

      That said, it does sound like she may have a legitimate claim of copyright infringement if her telling of the story is accurate. If they really did download a pirated copy of her book and distribute it, then that’s a valid claim. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t appear to actually be filing a serious claim in a court of law, at least according to the websites reporting on the situation. Granted the award wouldn’t be $54 million if she did really take a serious case to court, so maybe she opted for this odd demand letter rather than an actual lawsuit in hopes of getting a bigger payout.

      I’m a little more curious as to why she felt the need to describe her body as having blood flowing through it and put her fingerprint on it. She also appears to have covered the document in stamps, which is really weird.

      But, hey, she brags that Dudley Brown’s Rocky Mountain Gun Owners endorsed her effort to run!

  3. Of course this is Colorado we’re talking about, they did vote to legalize weed out there, might explain alot of this weirdness……

    1. Weird? I find prohibition and jailing people for victimless crimes to be weird.

  4. This made me think of my comments yesterday about “kookaboos in a political party” and the company we keep.

    But that said, following down the trail of links, it appears Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (i.e., Dudley) is among several who supported her than withdrew their support, after it was learned she wrote stroke-books. You mean she wasn’t a kookaboo before that? And I seem to recall RMGO alleging to be “single issue.” But all my recent reading seems to indicate that for RMGO it is more important that you think pure thoughts and keep your hands above your waist. Was the lady pro-gun before, but proven to not be on the level about that by something she wrote in a book for wankers?

    Inquiring minds. . .

  5. So the recall elections can now have the right-ish vote split between R and L, making it easier for the Ds to hang on? Lovely…

    1. That may happen, but I also look at the fact that so much coverage has mentioned that’s how Morse won in the first place. Most people who aren’t diehard Libertarians have probably learned a lesson from that. Switching from an election where ballots are mailed out to everyone to one where people have to make an effort to show up is probably more likely to be an uphill battle for the Democrats to hold on to the office.

      Local folks may be able to give a better read on the situation, but I would think that no longer doing a mailed ballot thing may be better for the recall. Maybe not.

      1. So it’s a competition between the committedness of libertarians to vote for the Libertarian on the ballot and damn the consequences, and the unknown but significant percentage of the Democrat vote that comes from mail fraud. Are we sure that CO is suffering under the influence of migrants from CA, and not IL? ;)

  6. This just keeps getting sillier and sillier. It’d be hilarious, if only the stakes weren’t so high.

    1. It often makes me wonder, how do these people get voted in to office in the first place?

      1. The judge who issued the ruling on how the elections will happen?

        Otherwise, if you mean the crazy demand of $54 million, I said she was a former candidate, not an elected official. She was never elected to anything. And considering that some evidence is coming to light that her non-attorney legal counsel may not even believe that Colorado is a recognized state, it seems likely that she never will be elected to public office.

  7. It’s weird I’m getting more coverage from here than I do from the local media. There was plenty of TV coverage when she was ‘outed’, but little since. seems to be all over it.
    Colorado has both House and Senate based on population, so the increase in urban population has hurt republicans. This is part of why the 51st state thing is happening.
    Wish I was in the correct district to vote on the recall.

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