A Prime Opportunity


There’s good news and bad news out of Colorado. A court is throwing details on how the recall elections will function into disarray once again. At this point, I can’t keep up with understanding exactly how the election – scheduled for less than two weeks from now – will even work in Colorado. It looks like this latest decision impacts how absentee ballots will be distributed and how residency proof will be recognized.

At this point, Colorado gun owners shouldn’t be looking for election details here anyway. NRA is certainly trying to assist in the last minute push by gathering activists for grassroots events on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

I will say this about the headlines about the confusion and bickering, it turns many low information voters off. That means it’s easier for highly dedicated activists to make a difference with their own votes.

At least they have the ballots figured out…finally.

10 thoughts on “A Prime Opportunity”

  1. Only problem now … if we win, the Brady Campaign now has a better case to make that it was never about guns. Not that they wouldn’t have made that case anyway …

  2. If the recall fails the media will say itdemonstrates how the population is OK with gun control. If the recall succeeds it will be tied up in court forever and be another Bush v Gore. Eventually they’ll say that the recall only succeeded because of the evil NRA stealing the election. It’s heads they win tails we lose.

      1. And if they get ousted and then the courts declare “Nope you’ve gotta keep ’em” that’s still a strong motivation to vote ’em out next year (or later) when their terms expire.

        And *any* victory will be blamed on the NRA that’s how the anits work.

        However if they get ousted it will be a strong signal as to the worth of Bloomberg’s promises and money.

      2. That won’t be the message, it’ll be we had to cheat to win. Whether it’s true or not doesn’t really matter. Maybe I’m being too pessimistic, if they’re already laying the groundwork for a we stole the election spin that tells you something about their confidence.

  3. The spin can be whatever they want it to be. If we win two politicians will have lost their jobs (or be tied up in court for years trying to hold on). I don’t care how they spin that – it’s how OTHER politicians receive the message that matters. Cross gun owners = end of career. That’s the message here.

  4. Gildas is right. If we win and these two get removed then it gun owners win and gun controllers lose. Any court case will be ignored against that message

  5. “So disagreeing with Joan is equivalent to “demeans me and calls me names?” I’m pretty sure most people who have read me for a while know I am accepting and even welcome dissenting opinion. I might turn on the snark sometimes, but I’d like to think were all adults here.”

    I consider you, Bitter, and Weerd to be amongst the calmest and most rational voices on the internet. To claim otherwise, as Joan has, is tantamount to calling the sky red.

    Pulp politics as usual, and these deficients of logic are allowed to vote and set public policy.

    I went to bed as a free American. I awoke in some cheesy noir nightmare with Obama wearing the badge.

    By the way, it’s a Larch.

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