Colorado Recall Elections Under Way


If you’re in one of the Colorado districts, or you’re nearby and have been on the ground locally, then please let us know what you’re seeing. Those of us in other Bloomberg target states are watching to see how this plays out.

On one hand, high turnout of actual voters to the polls seems like a good sign for us since that indicates a particular motivation. So, yay!

On the other hand, there are already people asking questions about sketchy ballot drop-offs that they claim aren’t right.

I don’t know enough about the details that were actually decided on for this election since it seems like every little aspect has been litigated and often decided from the bench or on a whim to know whether the claims in the video are truly a concern or not. Hopefully, it’s nothing. But it does go to show that people from both sides will likely be all over this race to squeeze out every single vote.

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  1. Interesting stats here via the link. Hopefully Independents vote against Morse in El Paso County and bring some Pro-gun Dems with them. Republicans are off to good start turn out wise…

    Unaffiliated: 26,725 or 37.81%
    Democrats: 23,344 or 33.59%
    Republicans: 18,174 or 26.15%
    Libertarians: 716 or 1.03%
    Green Party: 278 or 0.40%
    American Constitution: 244 or 0.35%

    Republicans: 1,617 or 45.16%
    Democrats: 1,081 or 30.19%
    Unaffiliated: 839 or 23.43%
    Libertarian: 26 or 0.72%
    Green Party: 9 or 0.25%
    American Constitution: 8 or 0.22%

    1. The GOP is… and I also wonder how many pro-gun Dems there are, too. I can’t believe Republicans are the only ones upset.

    2. Here’s another update from El Paso County/Denver Post blog, but how are these “Unaffiliated” voters going to vote…that’s my curiosity?

      Unaffiliated: 26,725 or 37.81%
      Democrats: 23,344 or 33.59%
      Republicans: 18,174 or 26.15%
      Libertarians: 716 or 1.03%
      Green Party: 278 or 0.40%
      American Constitution: 244 or 0.35%

      TURNOUT SO FAR: 9,485
      Republicans: 3,923 or 41.36%
      Democrats: 3,081 or 32.48%
      Unaffiliated: 2,351 or 24.7%
      Other: 130 or 1.37%

  2. First let me stipulate that my ambitions for both parties can be exemplified by my search for a burlap sack big enough to hold both of them and enough rocks, for a walk down by the canal. I am not much inclined to give credibility to either party. I think that enables me to make observations like the following:

    “Revealing Politics” is very clearly a Republican outfit, and I see where Ms. Littleton at one time styled herself as the “Blonde Babe for Bush.” I would not take that video too much to heart in terms of reported facts. I would judge it to be a pretty typical piece in the RPs national Voter Suppression campaign. If the vote goes their way (our way?) against Morse, you will never hear another word about “voting irregularities.” If it doesn’t, this and additional videos will be projected on the heavens saying the recall election was stolen.

    Also, it wasn’t clear to me, but were they alleging that laws were broken? If so, couldn’t a commissioner have called the question(s) on the spot, rather than just going home to create a viral video? Couldn’t all those ballots have been quarantined? Etc., etc.

    1. The recall election is turning a lot of rocks in Colorado that contain some ugliness. In addition to gun control, this legislature has brought up some new rules for voting that those on the right argue will increase fraud.

      So there are a lot of axes getting ground, right now. As I follow the CO election, I find that there are zero non-biased reports. The Denver Post is straight out reporting anything to help the status quo and to slam the recall; on the right we see attacks not only on the politics of the incumbents but also the system that elects them.

      It’s fatiguing.

  3. “I find that there are zero non-biased reports…”

    That seems to be the universal truth of our time, regardless of the issue or the location.

    I find it not only fatiguing, but enraging, as so much of it that comes from both sides insults the intelligence of its target audience — you and me. We are asked to make decisions largely on blind ideological faith, when that faith is violated day in and day out by people who take us for morons and simpletons.

    1. We can blame ourselves, to some extent. The simple fact is that MSNBC tried to mimick Fox News by selling to a target audience. Fox is a run-away success for doing so (being the only right-wing major news outlet).

      People are not going for the centrist news. CNN Headline Tried a ‘just the news’ approach and failed miserably (in more ways than one). Americans want to see “their news” every night. Not the other guy’s views.

      In a capitalistic system, you get what you buy. People aren’t buying unbiased news. They want to feel good. It just so happens that our views are not the most common ones on TV. But that might change…capitalism has a way of fixing these issues (MSNBC rating nosedive, for instance).

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