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This person thinks gun owners who rush and panic to buy “assault weapons” ahead of a government gun control law in Maryland are acting like children. Must be hard to look down on your fellow citizens to such a strong degree.

Fudging the numbers for murder.

Clayton notes that heart surgery is best avoided. We’re glad to see he’s on the mend. My grandfather had his valve replaced in his mid-60s and while his recovery was much longer, afterwards he felt better than he had in years.

More talk about the army switching side arms.

Interesting Massachusetts gun rights case.

Stop and frisk ruled unconstitutional by a US District Judge, because the targets are disproportionally minorities.

ALEC fights back against Dick Durbin.

California politicians are looking to savage your rights anew.

The New Hampshire Supreme court rules that for a gun to be considered loaded, it actually has to be loaded.

Moms pushing for gun control in Morristown.

Can I get an amen?

Inside NRA University.

Detroit man says Stand Your Ground kept him out of prison.

13 thoughts on “Monday News”

    1. This isn’t a case of buyers acting like children screaming, “I want it now!”. If they don’t get it now, they’ll never get it because you just banned it. What did you expect people to do?

    2. Gormley is/was more than just a spokesman, she was the MD Chapter leader. I had the misfortune of encountering her on the sidewalk outside the MD Statehouse after the MD House passed the 2013 MD Gun Grab. She is just as rude and snarky in person.

      1. She would seem to follow us (NRA, MSI, AGC) around to listen in on our hallway conversations. Maybe they thought we had some secret sauce?

        Our books were open. We had no secrets. We were fighting the good fight and were winning, right up until Governor O’Malley decided that he would put everything on the line for gun control. His handlers were nakedly ambitious and open about them thinking gun control would propel him to the Democratic nomination. Again…there were few secrets up there.

        O’Malley threatened construction funding for Baltimore public schools when he found out that reps up there were viewing at least some things our way – specifically the poll tax on gun purchase. His people made it clear what would happen if they didn’t tow the line. Chicago politics in Annapolis.

  1. On the “stop and frisk” decision, I would have been much more encouraged if it had been overturned because it was always unconstitutional on its face, than because it excessively targeted minorities. What if it had excessively targeted the majority — would it have been OK? (Though to be fair, there are probably many examples where it has taken a side issue that should have been irrelevant, to put the main constitutional issue in the spotlight.)

    I note that author observes that “stop and frisk” was “somewhat effective.” That sort of comment always causes me to remember that the Nazis were extremely effective at suppressing street crime in Germany. But would we recommend emulating their methods?

    Now, to get to work vacating all those convictions achieved via unconstitutional search and seizure.

    1. Does Bloomberg officially have the record for most laws/policies struck down by the courts as unconstitutional?

    2. I thought it interesting on the TV news tonight that no mention was made regarding the frequency of stop-and-frisk and attractive women.

      1. “stop-and-frisk and attractive women…”

        Sort of like the Pennsylvania State Police’s reputation for stopping attractive women for suspicion of DUI, and administering “alternative breathalyzer” tests.

  2. The Balt Sun Rodricks ‘article’ (reads like an editorial to me) leaves out a major salient fact when he talks about dealers releasing firearms before the state police finish their 100+ day “investigation”: the state police and ATF told dealers to stop doing background checks before releasing firearms and threatened those who did so.

    Background: It’s taking 100+ days to do the state police investigation. Dealers can release firearms pursuant to state and federal law at the 8 day mark (MD is a POC state with a 7-day waiting period). MSI and others sued the state to get them to respect the law when the backlog took too long. The state capitulated, but then amazingly decided that POC was more important than safety. So they told dealers who were calling in NICS checks on handguns/ARs prior to the transfer to stop doing background checks. It went so far that the ATF actually told dealers doing background checks that their license was in jeopardy for performing background checks.

    This is demonstrable fact. Not surprised the Baltimore Sun not only ignores it, but is transparently providing “cover in advance” for the backlash. Here in the state the politicians – pro and con on gun control – are rightly getting concerned. This is just one more way the Balt Sun works to enhance the narrative.

  3. Must be hard to look down on your fellow citizens to such a strong degree.

    OTOH, it’s easy to look down on those you view as your subjects.

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