Gun Magazine Sales Up

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It looks like sales of magazines for firearms are on the rise. You might assume that I mean the firearms parts that go into guns, but it’s actually the paper product that lands in your mailbox or on store shelves.

In fact, the double digit increases are pretty much the only bright spot in the publishing world, according to AdWeek.

From the highlights of the research, it looked like Food Network’s magazine was also on the rise. I’m sure the combination of rising popularity of firearms & food magazines is enough to give Mike Bloomberg some heartburn as he chows down on his dinner tonight.

14 thoughts on “Gun Magazine Sales Up”

  1. I know we’ve seen our print magazine subscriber list grow to over 15,000 in just a couple of months of publishing the magazine, it’s pretty crazy.

  2. Household gun ownership is down. The increased gun sales figures only means fewer (fanatics) are buying more guns. So likewise this just means those households are getting multiple subscriptions to the same magazines. /s

    1. Yeah, increased gun sales is definite proof that less people are buying guns…….


        1. Trolls do bring in the traffic. Instead we just have to settle for the funny from TS. It should be bringing in the traffic because it sure as hell made me laugh.

  3. Hey, do those numbers include ‘paid with membership’ subscriptions like NRA publications and NAHC magazines or just straight paid for the magazine sales?

    Wondering if the increase in NRA membership is skewing, or driving, the numbers or not.

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