An Exercise in Futility

Here’s some great advice found at Gun Nuts Media to so-called gun store “lawyers” who don’t really know anything about the law, but still use their lack of knowledge to scare off new gun owners: “shut the ***CENSORED*** up.”

Seriously, the entire post is worth a read, even though encouraging these people to shut their traps may ultimately be an exercise in futility. He highlights a story from a friend who “learned” from his local gun shop “expert” that in all circumstances, pulling a gun on anyone more than 21 feet away is a felony in Virginia. This may be news to Virginia legal experts who know nothing of this mysterious 21-foot statute.

Another instance he cites is a concealed carry class instructor who scared off his hairdresser who is sometimes alone at night with her young children from ever keeping a gun accessible. One of the tips that the hairdresser learned from her oh-so-helpful instructor is that she should not pull a gun on an armed intruder who successfully breaks into her house since it’s a possibility that even though he’s armed and has broken into a house with a woman and children home, he might not actually be there to do them harm. He might just want to steal the TV, so she should just let him do that and not get her gun.

There are other good examples in refuting these claims by so-called experts, so just read the entire thing. But I might suggest that before you do, you put a pillow on your desk because you’ll need it to cushion the blow when you want to beat your head against it – repeatedly – to make the stupid go away.

10 thoughts on “An Exercise in Futility”

  1. If you’re taking or seeking free legal advice from a $10/hr gun store counter jockey – the advice is worth about as much as you paid for it.

  2. Think about how stupid the average human being is. Then realize there’s a pile who are a lot dumber than that….

  3. Had such an experience with an owner in Mount Airy, MD. Told me that possession of a 21+ round magazine in Maryland was a felony when I mentioned I had a AR-15 and some 30s I brought in from Virginia. I politely informed him the law stated possession was not prohibited, merely sale or transfer within state boundaries. Continued to insist I was going to go to prison if caught. That would have come as quite the surprise to a lot of MD gun owners.

    It plays both ways though. The media happily reports the new gun control laws in MD banned 10+ round magazines in the state. The law that was passed merely changed the “20” to “10” in the existing law referenced above. So all that happens come Oct. 1 is Marylanders buy 10+ rounders in VA and PA. But people believe, like gun store “lawyers”, what they are told or hear rather than look it up themselves. 20s and 30s aren’t going anywhere in MD which is going to surprise a lot of people who are woefully misinformed.

  4. Cops and gun store personnel are the 2 worst sources for accurate information about both guns and the law. Always have been.

    1. Cops are the worst. The average patrol cop writes the same 6 motor vehicle citations and makes the same 6 misdemeanor and summary arrests – over and over.

      1. As I point out — operating that cruiser and radio is something he does all shift, every day, and those skills have saved a LOT more police lives than their sidearms.

        His career will live or die by how well he operates those two items and can write a summons or incident report.

        Is it any wonder his best skill sets are generally driving, talking on the radio, and writing?

  5. If you think gun store employees hand out retarded legal advice, you should listen to their customers sometime. The only less trustworthy sources are internet gun fora and blogs.


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