The Other Gun Debates…

Sure, we highlight the legal and political debates on guns, but we all know the internet was created by Al Gore so that we could debate such topics as 9mm vs. .45.

NRA is hosting a somewhat similar debate on fan favorite long guns over the next two weeks. Today’s face-off is the Springfield M1A SOCOM II vs. the Kimber 8400 Patrol. With 2.5 million fans, this could be like an internet gun debate on steroids. I bet the staff there are sitting back with the popcorn to see how this topic drives discussion in comments.

My vote is for the image on this post – cake gun.

Then ExUrban Kevin decided he wants to open discussion on what kind of gun should James Bond really be carrying. From one of the points made in the post, I had no idea that Princess Anne was nearly kidnapped once.

7 thoughts on “The Other Gun Debates…”

  1. As much as the Royal Family would have loved for Princess Margaret to “disappear” (especially during her swinging single days back in the 70’s), it was Princess Anne who was almost kidnapped.

      1. I was going to ask if I screwed up because I thought I said Anne. Margaret is one of those royals whose name I’ve heard, but I always forget how she’s really a royal. :) Being the age and gender I am, I pretty much only really know about William because, you know, he was cute at one point.

    1. Make it a coconut cream pie gun, and I might be on board with this suggestion…

      As you open this cake vs. pie debate, I have to laugh at the fact that the NRA face-off already has more than 1,800 comments on the image alone. That doesn’t count comments on the actual voting page.

      1. Once you have passed bacon pecan pie and chocolate cakes, pie vs cake is a toss up that depends on the specific cake vs pie between which one must decide.

    2. I prefer the chocolate chip peanut butter cookie gun — self lubricating with peanut oil. Not the greatest FPS and reloads are slow; but you can deter a horde of children with a few well baked shots.

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