Real Reasoned Discourse?

CSGV’s blogs (both blogs) appear to be approving pro-gun comments.  I’ve added a comment of my own.  We’ll see if it appears.  They are also responding to the comments.  Judging from the comments I’m seeing approved so far, I’m going to guess it’s selective moderation.  Not fully open debate, but I won’t ding them if they approve substantive comments without a bias.  If they don’t approve something, post your content here, and we’ll let it be judged whether their moderation is meant to foster open debate, or help them make their points.

6 thoughts on “Real Reasoned Discourse?”

  1. Coalition to stop gun violence. Hmm… how about a coalition to stop criminal violence?

  2. I posted this just a few minutes ago but don’t want to forget that I did it.


    You not that a majority of the guns used in crime in DC are illegal brought into the city from elsewhere. Doesn’t this indicated the inability of the de facto gun ban to decrease violent crime. Criminals who are intent on committing violent crime seem to have no qualms about breaking the DC gun ban.

  3. I submitted one comment on each blog on 3/26 before 8:00am. Will see if they post in future.

  4. I submitted a comment to the (current) top post at the first link very early this morning. I, too, am interested to see if it will see the light of day.

  5. Posted a comment 24 hours ago, it hasn’t shown up yet. Pointed out that the trigger-lock provision of DC law doesn’t really matter, as there is no self-defense exception. DC will prosecute and imprison you for removing the lock/loading your weapon for use in your home in self defense.

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