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The weekend is over, and as we look ahead to the next week, it’s time to dump all the stories I didn’t have time to say anything about and hope some fresh ones come by. I’ve noticed the news cycle on our issue is picking up a bit over the weekend.

Jim Geraghty notes that Obama has seemingly stopped talking about gun control. US News wonders when the gun fight is coming back to Congress. It’ll be yesterdays news until there’s a fresh tragedy to exploit. In the mean time, there’s surely something else he can find to play up division.

Have some Reasoned Discourse(TM) with your afternoon coffee. But I thought we were supposed to have a national conversation? Miguel has ever more from people who just want to have a conversation.

The media in New Jersey is starting to pressure Chris Christie to sign the gun control bills into law. This is but just one example. I’ve passed on several other NJ media stories along the same vein.

Why gun sales are falling. I think it’s good that the panic is ending, but it’s not a good time to get complacent, especially when there’s now going to be real money arrayed against us.

The New York Times has a double standard when it comes to recall elections. They are only good when it’s to get rid people who the Times editorial staff don’t like.

Speaking of media narratives, once again we see the drunk gun owner meme popping up in North Carolina. Any time we allow restaurant carry with a prohibition on consuming alcohol, this comes up.

Don’t bring a bat to a gunfight. This guy was apprehended, so no Darwin Award for him, but he definitely out-dumbed this guy.

Megan McArdle doesn’t think we need tougher standards for self-defense.

Larry Correia takes a look at Profiling and Stand Your Ground.

Charles Cooke notes that Stand Your Ground is nothing new. No, it’s not. It’s been the law in most western states since they’ve been states.

Dave Hardy takes a look at the a claim by the media on who benefits from SYG and notes some serious subterfuge.

Publicola: Women and Children first.

Tactical mythbusting: revolver brass in the pocket. I’ve always been suspicious of the story of the police trainer who took a mugger’s gun and gave it back to him. He had spent his days teaching retention, which involved repeatedly taking guns and giving them back. The lesson is you do what you train, but I’ve always been suspicious of the story.

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  1. Sorry to my friends in New Jersey…but if Christie lets those bills become law we can finally rid ourselves of his menace in 2016.

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