The Media Assault Continues

The New York Times speaks of the law of the gun in Florida, and notes that goes to the GOP convention in Tampa could be around other people with concealed handguns. You know, like it’s been in most states for the past several decades. The horror.

The Los Angeles Times notes that NRA members would like to shoot the Easter Bunny (I kid you not) with us gun nuts being so stand your ground and all.

The New York Times again, suggesting it’s time to talk about guns. Of course, this means it’s time to talk about restricting guns. You see, even if you believe in the Second Amendment, surely that can’t mean, if you’re a reasonable and sophisticated person like a writer for the New York Times, that it’s actually a right, right?

I believe the time has long passed for people on the right-of-center coalition, no matter how thick and luxurious your Wookie suit, or whether you choose to wear one at all, to cancel your subscriptions to biased print media (though, I would make some exceptions for papers that do good reporting and are willing to be fair. There is at least one around here) and cut the cord on the cable. It only feeds the enemies of our Republic.

9 thoughts on “The Media Assault Continues”

  1. No newspapers, no phone, no TV… yeah, it’s a wonderful life. (No sarcasm.)

  2. You need to fix the LA TIMES link, it’s a repeat of the first NY TIMES link.

  3. Who cares what they think. Dinosaur media like the NYT haven’t had the ability to spin the gun debate for 10+ years.

    1. I only care in that it’s a reminder that anti-gun people are still here, and they still need to be defeated in elections. Beyond that, I’m just fine with ignoring them.

  4. I see that reasoned discourse has broken out at the NYT piece, where they have locked comments. They make it sound as though state preemption in Florida is a new law. It is not, but what is new is that Florida attached penalties to violations of the law. Previously, state preemption was the rule, but cities had such laws anyway, because there was no penalty for breaking the law.

  5. Hey, if the Easter Bunny tries to do the home invasion thing and threaten me and mine……bunny’s goin’ down.

    1. Someone needs to point out that if we were that trigger-happy, the large red-suited home invader would have already gone down, and we’d have celebrated with BBQ reindeer. 8-)

  6. I need my cable, for internet access! 6 Computers and 4 game consoles networked don’t fare so well on anything less…….

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