Where Are the Haters?

I notice that Heidi Yewman’s continuing saga is now up to 1174 comments. That’s an order of magnitude more than appear over at Ms. Magazine. Going through them, I notice one or two obvious trolls, but most of the comments seem to be to be pretty reasonable. I just tried to post a comment there myself, and it appeared immediately. This tells me The Daily Beast isn’t really moderating heavily, and to the extent they are, only after the fact. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the comments and they all seem reasonable to me. Remember she claims this:

The Ms. Magazine blog moderator withheld most of the threatening comments, and ultimately the magazine, its small staff overwhelmed by the flood of vituperation, initially decided not to run the rest of the series, a development Joe Nocera of the New York Times noticed and reported on.

Also, don’t forget that the staff at Ms. claimed the same. Where is this vituperation at The Daily Beast? How is it they managed to gather an order of magnitude more comments than Ms. without any of this “vituperation?” We’re dealing with people who have an agenda, and that agenda is to take a small number, perhaps one or two individual who really crossed the line, and smear an entire community of reasonable people with that brush. The gun control crowd always insist that brutish behavior from gun owners is a common, regular occurrence, in comments we mysteriously never get to see. In reality, their standard operation procedure is to crush dissenting opinion any time they start losing an argument. Having better arguments would seem to equate to brutish behavior for many of them. That certainly seems to be the case for members of the Brady Campaign Board. They are not interested in dialog.

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  1. We’re also dealing with a group of people who view victim-hood as the ultimate badge of honor and courage, so much that they’re willing to do backflips to fit into that basket.

    (BTW the opposite of that on our side is the hardcore prepper who could survive for YEARS even if every other human on Earth died off. We value self-reliance to almost comical levels)

    See for examples:

    Barack Obama comparing his kids, and himself to Trayvon Martin, when his kids live in the White House and a mansion in Hyde Park Chicago, and Barry was in one of the most prestigious private schools in Hawaii.

    Joan Peterson making EVERYTHING about her dead sister.

    Jason “Baldr” Kilgore claiming that sometime somewhere he maybe saw somebody get shot by a drug dealer.

    Or Ms. Yewman talking about how brave she is and how much risk she’s shouldering while being INTENTIONALLY incompetent with a gun that very likely only exists on paper.

    They are SUCH victims, and if we want to challenge their facts or ideals well we are respecting all they went through and we’re haters, and we’re cold blooded.

    Being a “victim” no matter how fake it may be, means never having to justify your irrational feelings.

  2. It’s mostly childish attention getting behavior, not unlike the kid who wrecks his bike, skinning up both knees and elbows who silently pushes or drags his now mangled bike home for 10 blocks, then breaks into a bawling limping show as soon as he sees his Mom.

  3. I would also point out that she from the start was breaking her own “rule”, that being the “and finally be prepared to use it for protecting myself at home or in public.” one.

    By not seeking training, practice shooting targets, or even reading the instruction manual as it seems she did she is not at all ready to use the gun to protect herself.

    In the first article she didn’t even know how to load or even check IF it was loaded. I wonder if she ever did load it or if she was carrying around an unloaded gun somehow thinking it would magically protect her if needed?

    1. I really don’t think there was ever a gun. You see no pictures of her with it, no talk of holsters or carry methods besides the most basics, and certainly no pictures of the so-called “Art” the gun got mangled into.

      She never intended to keep, use, or enjoy the gun, and I doubt the VPC, Brady Campaign, or MAIG wanted to foot the bill for buying her a new Glock for a week, so likely she handled a few guns at a shop, maybe asked a few journalistic questions, then made everything else up. Maybe even bought an airsoft gun or blue gun to fill the void for the sake of argument.

  4. One can only wonder if she went into this with all her preconceived notions and a determination NOT to open her eyes…

  5. Eh, once you realize that the OPFOR (Brady Bunch, etc) tend to be oversensitive pathological liars who want us and our families in a boxcar or a ditch, the constant whine of “THE GUN GUYS ARE BIG MEANIES!” makes more sense.

    We just finished up a weekend at Camp Perry. Heidi would wet herself if she saw all the kids safely handling AR-15s on the National Match lines. She would doubtless find a picture of this event to be highly offensive and mean and dangerous. It isn’t a surprise that she thinks a comment offering her free training is also hateful and bigoted. I’m pretty sure a Klansman in the deep south back in the Jim Crow era wouldn’t think much of what black folks have to say, and that’s how the Brady folks (et al) view us.

  6. Here’s where it becomes patently obvious that I’m in possession of a spectacularly juvenile mind.
    When I read this title, all I could think of was the Dave Chappelle parody of R. Kelly. “Haters want to hate. Lovers want to love. I don’t even want none of the above. I want to…”


  7. I still don’t believe she even loaded it, or possibly even knew how.
    The very act of loading the gun could have made a nice emotional two paragraphs about how she could have shot her kid through the wall or some nonsense like that right when loading it.

    on topic: it’s not the first time antis used the old “i’ve received death treats so I’m right” logic.

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