5000 Attend Gun Control Rally in CT?

Looks more like 500 to me, judging from pans of the crowd. People will almost always overestimate crowds, but by an order of magnitude? Meanwhile, when we actually turn out that many people, their reporting is usually off by an order of magnitude in the other direction.

Anyone have wider angle photos?

From an intrepid reader. 5000 my ass:


10 thoughts on “5000 Attend Gun Control Rally in CT?”

  1. I used to roll my eyes when people complained about the liberal bias in the media (and in my defense, I pretty much ignore the MSM. I don’t even own a TV).

    But the last 2 months have been eye-opening (and sickening).

  2. I think most of the media have pretty much admitted to both a bias and a conspiracy on our issue, stating they intend to keep harping on it and not allowing it do drift away, as has happened in the past. But, they are subject to ratings like everyone else in what is fundamentally an entertainment industry, and I think the subject is already getting a little stale for a lot of people.

    Our local newspaper for about a month had a two column-inch blurb under their editorial each morning, giving the addresses of legislators and urging readers to contact them to demand stronger gun controls.

  3. 500 seems generous.

    I was in Hartford for the public hearing a few weeks back and it was much more crowded than this (and there were 1300 people signed up to speak and many more who were there to show support and get info).

  4. A good control group would be to put up signs for free pizza, and see how big the crowd gets.

    1. You probably get the same people as at an anti-gun rally; liberals hate guns and like getting stuff paid for by other people.

  5. Fox did the same thing for the Glen Beck Rally awhile ago and even used a different picture for the rally that was not even in the correct season. Best thing to do is just ignore the news, support those companies that are not selling to any government agency and stop with the labeling. The gun bans started with Reagan. Don’t forget Bush started most of this with the Patriot Act. Or are all of you biased/racist. Did any of you throw up a sh&t storm when Bush got thousands of Americans killed over false wars? But the moment a black president…yep.

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