Auto Union Opposes Scrapping the Canadian Gun Registry

Perhaps someone who knows more than I do about Canadian politics can help me understand why the Canadian auto workers union is getting involved in the fight to keep the long gun registry data and touting the importance of symbolic gun control.

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  1. Not knowing anything about Canadian politics, I would hazard a guess that the unions are opposing the measure solely on the basis of providing a favor to the liberals in order to get something in return later. I doubt they have any skin in the game otherwise and as always, they are likely acting contrary to their members benefits.

  2. I bet it is the Union leadership tied closely to the now minority liberals. I hope the Union members make it known that it is not them, but the big bosses!!

  3. Maybe UAW in the US prodded their Canadian counterparts. CA wanted to install a similar registry, and then we have ATF wanting long gun purchases information, and Holder talking about how “helpful” a new AWB would be during F+F hearings. Having the Canadians scrap the registry cannot be helpful to “liberals” in the US.

  4. I believe that the Canadian Auto Workers Union is a Branch of the UAW. Just look at all the Canadian Auto Plants across the river from Detroit in Windsor. In turn, the UAW is part of the AFL-CIO. Now the AFL-CIO under Richard Trumka is a large part of the Uber-Liberal Coalition that makes up the Modern Democratic Party. And P.M. Harper up in Canada is a member of their Conservative Party. Another Union Branch of the Modern Democratic Party is SEIU. And it’s (former?) Leader, Andy Stern is proud of his statement on Video that Karl Marx was Right, and “It’s Time for the Workers of the World to Unite.” Finally, don’t forget Obama’s Video to the SEIU and the Work he did for them.

    They are just One Big Happy Family, all dreaming of the Day that THEY can FINALLY implement the Modern Version of Karl Marx’s 10 Point Plan from the Communist Manifesto, thus bring about their Utopia. Of course, they’d have to get rid of a Few Million Reactionaries….

  5. Canadian ultra-liberals were at the heart of the #OWS organizing and here are probably are just another Soros-backed diversionary effort to claw-back and throw diversionary chaff at the efforts being made to dismantle in any form as it reduces their toehold.

  6. Because the unions know that whatever future they have, it rests with the NDP (New Democratic Party) and not the Tories. The Liberals are gone, they’ve been essentially the moderate-left of Canadian politics since Trudeau left the scene, and just like their Democratic counterparts in the U.S., the DLC, they are an endangered political species. The nanny state has no room for half-measures.

  7. I suspect it has to do with the liberal base and the auto manufacturing in Canada both being centered in Ontario. As a player in Ontario politics, the union speaks up in support of the party line. In the western provinces, the territories and even rural Ontario, support for long gun registries or other anti-RKBA measures is minimal.

  8. you keep making the error of believing that different leftist groups are separate leftist groups. The Left is a monolithic totalizing worldview. You get it all or you get none.

    The same ignorant asses who believe that workers are too stipid to get good jobs at decent pay without the union believe that the workers are too stupid to own guns without hurting themselves.

    Thatts why they can’t comprehend us being independant in our actions. They don’t act independantly, so how could we?

      1. While true, I think much of that could be explained as simple consistency of underlying philosophy on the rights of the individual. The rationale is the same, it’s just the object at hand that changes.

        Whereas “card-check” has little to do with requiring gun registration, except in the so-broad-as-to-be-meaningless sense that both are a part of “big government”.

  9. As above, they can read the writing on the wall.

    Wisconsin, for instance, gets the “Right” in power and liberal standbys like gun control and union bennies are removed. If the Conservatives can get rid of something as sweeping an accomplishment for the Left as the Registry, “What will they do next with that popular momentum?” has to be the thought of the Unions.

  10. I can’t believe that the most obvious reason of all hasn’t been mentioned! Unions employ thug tactics–if you oppose them, they are more than happy to send someone to rough you up. They don’t like armed victims. Hence, they don’t like attacks on gun contol.


  11. Is it sad that when I saw the headline, my first thought was for Audi’s predecessor?

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