Michelle Picking Up Gun Control

Looks like she’s dumping the fat kids and picking up gun control as her cause célèbre.

Aides say the first lady isn’t making gun violence a new and distinct issue, but is folding it into her work encouraging youth to focus on getting an education.

Yeah, because not enough gun control is the reason the youth today aren’t getting a quality education.

9 thoughts on “Michelle Picking Up Gun Control”

  1. How about, “Hey, kids! That random older guy you decided to jump might just be carrying a gun. So don’t do it! Stay in school and don’t pick fights!”

  2. So when does Michelle come out and say, “You know, I’m a Mom just like Traynon’s.”

    Yo KNOW it’s coming.

  3. Yeah, well the “youth” pretty much can’t be educated because a lack of parental involvement has condemned them to permanent stupidity. She can tell them to focus on education all she wants, but it won’t make any difference.

  4. Something that puzzles me, whether it’s their side or ours, is people who don’t get it when an issue isn’t getting traction. Everyone including the mainstream media has been telling the Administration that gun control has pretty much shot its wad for this year. I can’t imagine experienced politicians jumping into it if they haven’t been there already. My bets are, Michelle won’t really do anything at all except add a catch phrase or two to her standard spiels, if that.

  5. Just another distraction to keep us busy while they try to cover up Bengazi, IRS, DOJ, NSA, etc, etc,…
    Apparently, communicating with your Reps & Senators is limited to one topic per year.

    Guess again Libtards.

  6. For a second there I imagined her supporting a new push for better gun education in schools. If they really wanted some political cover to make it look like they didn’t want to take away our guns, Michelle would start making appearances with Eddie Eagle. You know what they say: “if it saves just one life…”, and “think of the children!”

  7. How about Michelle convincing women of color not to have children until they have a husband, profession and established home. The vast majority of both victims and perps come from fatherless inner city homes. The elephant in the room is ignored by everyone.

  8. Well, if she does for “gun control” what she’s done for fat kids, I reckon we’re in for some low humor.

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