The Media Roundup

SayUncle also has a roundup of the media mistakes during this whole thing.

I didn’t watch any of the TV media coverage, and I’ve been ignoring print media, because quite honestly, I can’t tolerate their coverage of events like this.

The media is just as culpable in these types of tragedies as the gun, which they are so eager to place blame on, because I think the media sensationalism it causes plays into the fantasies of these types of killers.  I’m very worried about copycats in the coming days.

But I don’t blame the media for the tragedy.   The 24 hour live news cycle is part of our society now, and we have a free press.  I totally accept the media’s right to cover these events.   I just with they’d respect my right to bear arms as much as I respect their freedom of press.  I don’t appreciate a lot of the scapegoating on guns, while the media refuses to acknowledge that the may have a role to play in these as well.

One thought on “The Media Roundup”

  1. We must act now to prevent further tragedies from occurring. I call on our legislators to enact immediate legislation, effective immediately to remove the month of April from the calendar year, to be replaced with a newer, safer month. Perhaps the month could be titled “Fluffy Bunny Month” to remind us all to live in peace and harmony

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